How to work with Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Can’t decide which type of ceremonial grade cacao?

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Buy some top quality ceremonial grade cacao, which is ethically produced and sustainably sourced, in both the Peruvian Andes, and from the Quechua tribe from Ecuador.

Read more about the science of how this powerful plant helps and heals mind, body and spirit.


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Why is ceremonial grade cacao different to chocolate/cocoa/normal cacao?

Have a look at the science page here.  

In a cacao bean, it is down to the age and quality of the beans, how they are produced, fermented and treated.  Once you process them, overheat them and add dairy, you massively inhibit or destroy all the nutrition, delicate neuro-modulaters, neurotransmitters, amino acids and compounds.  

The bullet points are:

It allows up to 40% of blood to travel around the brain, allowing for expansions of awareness and increased creativity; great for seeing situations in a new light, problem-solving and overcoming creative blocks.  

It heightens the senses allowing food to taste amazing and the body to feel juicy, fluid, sensual and vibrant.  

It helps focus and concentration without the anxiety or crash of caffeine.

It opens up the energy around the heart, allowing you to release stored grief and find the joy underneath, without getting attached to the story.

It is great for detoxing.

It tastes so good!

It is healthy: there is nothing added. No sugar, gluten, dairy, mystical E-numbers or ‘flavourings’. It is raw, unprocessed, ethically sourced and sustainably produced.

It is vegan.

My ceremonial grade cacao tastes different to last time, why?

Nothing unnatural is added to standardise taste.

The cacao is all fermented to different degrees, based on the individual farmer, and then it’s toasted, which kills all of the bacteria so no further fermentation occurs. In some harvests, this fermented taste is more noticeable than others, but once we receive it in the UK, the taste won’t ferment any more.

The only deterioration that can happen is when the cacao gets damp and the oils turn rancid, but this is immediately noticeable if it happens, and wouldn’t ever be confused for fermentation.

How should I store my ceremonial grade cacao?

You can keep it in the eco-bag it comes in as long as you keep it sealed.  However, cacao loves being treated with respect and honoured as the medicine it is.

I keep mine in glass containers with crystals and rose petals around it.  I also keep some on my altar.

How long will my ceremonial grade cacao last?

The shelf life we are told from the Peruvian co-op is two years, although it actually lasts indefinitely if it’s in a cool, dry place.

Can I ask book you to run a ceremony for my event?

Yes, I designing ceremonies for yoga retreats, hen do’s, weddings, reunions, business launches, celebrations and festivals.
Cacao ceremonies are also healing containers to honour endings in their many forms.

I want to place a large order, do you do discounts?

Depending on the size of the order, I do. Email me with the specifics of how much, which type and where you want it shipped, and we can talk.

Can I work with cacao everyday?

Yes, as long as you remain conscious with it and it doesn’t become a habit, or you feel dependent on it. There may be periods of time when you feel called to work with it every day, this is when you are building a relationship with it, and how to work with it in your life. Once established, you may then find you only want it once a week or month.  Really you have the answer to this question, keep asking yourself your reason why, and you’ll know whether it is too much or not.

Is ceremonial grade cacao dangerous?

Yes, for parrots, dogs and horses it can be fatal.

If you are on very strong anti-depressants, you may want to work very gently with cacao as it can cause headaches with MAOI inhibitors. I suggest smaller doses and drinking lots of water if you feel a headache coming on, the water will dilute and flush out the cacao.
If you have adrenal fatigue, it is recommended to avoid or use a low dosage of cacao infrequently.  Please contact me if you are concerned, or consult a doctor.

What is the nutritional information for ceremonial grade cacao?

This is an approximation per 100g as each variety is slightly different.

Energy 634 kcal 2,654 KJ
Fat 50g of which saturates 32g
Carbohydrates 27g of which sugars 0g
Protein 14g
Salt 35mg

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