New Year Cacao Ceremony:

Release, Reset: Rise

6th January 2 pm to 5 pm


With Helen Millar

Love it, or loathe it…  The new year can bring a sense of expansion and possibility, or once more unto the slog dear friends.  Working with the Gregorian calendar, the Celtic wheel or prayer, this is a potent time for remembering to give to yourself before you give to others.  Of going within to connect to your heart, desires and visions, before you fill the diary and start saying yes out of default.
 January can have a sense of its darkest just before dawn about it. Whether this year you are feeling the newness as an opportunity or fear of the unknown, you are invited to carve out this time for yourself, to come into alignment with heart and head, that you may begin with clarity, peace and faith for the year ahead.
This cacao ceremony is an opportunity to deepen your roots into your support, community and strength; that you may feel safe to unpeel and open your heart wider to all that you are welcoming in.
A held pace to breathe deeper, exhale longer and empty into the mystery of what the year may unfold, knowing that as you reconnect to the joy and truth of being on the planet. You can make this a year like never before.

“Helen, you are a badass weaver of deep and powerful magic.” Holly. S

This Cacao Ceremony retreat will include:

This intimate cacao ceremony retreat is for rebels, black sheep, highly sensitive, wildly creative souls who don’t fit and want to stop trying to conform and start creating a life where they don’t ever feel the need to.

The effects of ceremonial-grade cacao, consumed in ceremonial doses with focused intention, can last in the body for up to 72 hours, you will:

  • Learn about the unique medicine of ceremonial-grade cacao and how you can work with it to find all the solutions within you
  • Quieten the mind and sink into the heart
  • Tune into your heart to hear what it needs from you right now
  • Explore your understanding of your place in the universe and the importance of walking to the beat of your own drum
  • Open your heart and call in more love
  • Deprogram false beliefs about yourself and what the future holds
  • Connect and share with those who also value how important this time is
  • Tap into the hive of how other visionaries imagine the future into being


Weaving together journalling, tarot, breathwork, mantra, cacao ceremony, meditation and sharing circles, Helen will create a safe sacred space for you to explore your sense of self and how you express that in the world. Experience the difference of moving from head to heart-centred living.

Helen has held ceremonies all over the UK and Europe since 2018. Her ceremonies have been featured on the Discovery Network, with celebrities and shown in over 8 countries.


ceremonial grade cacao in a grey ceramic mug on an oak board on a wooden table with green fernsThere is a reason everyone loves chocolate. However, the bar in the shiny wrapper is just the beginning and a poor relative, to the transformative power of ceremonial grade cacao. Ancient civilizations have used this plant in its purest form for healing the mind, body and spirit. Called the ‘food of the shift’, it is prophesied that when humans forget how to live in harmony with the planet, cacao will spread around the globe to bring people back to their hearts. I believe the biggest addiction on the planet is to our lack of self-love, and when we begin to heal that, we can dissolve the archetype of the tortured artist, unleash create levels of creativity and heal our relationship with ourselves. When we can learn to self-acceptance and celebration within we can begin to change the world with not only our work, but by our very being-ness.

Ceremonial-grade cacao is the medicine we need to remember how to truly love ourselves unconditionally and be in the present moment, kicking overwhelm out the window. It sends up 40% more blood around the brain, allowing us to really think beyond our limiting beliefs and develop new capacities to focus without the rush and crash of caffeine. Ceremonial grade cacao heightens our senses, heightening our connection with our body, it detoxes our systems and opens our hearts.

To read more about the science of ceremonial grade cacao click here

“I have been to hundreds of ceremonies over the last 30 years of running a retreat center. Helen’s cacao ceremony in Ibiza really was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt ceremonies I have ever been a part of. I had profound realisations, felt a deep connection to my family and that was because of her heart, her knowledge, her light and the beautiful and safe space she created!”  – Kezia Kaur, Therapist, Healer, Life Coach, Founder & CEO, Ashiana Retreats on Helen Millar

Some of the benefits you may receive at this Cacao ceremony retreat:

For true healing and transformation to be possible, we need to feel safe. The ceremony unfolds in layers, satisfying the mind, creating connection and gently working into the subtler and deeper levels. Cacao enables us to feel safe to open our hearts and receive the healing we create once that happens. Held in your own healing field, the power of the plant is then able to work with your system on a much deeper cellular level. Ceremonial-grade cacao is the perfect ally to open you to your expanded consciousness, healing and creativity.

  • Feeling part of a community, realising you are not alone
  • Huge nutritional benefits of ceremonial cacao see here
  • Detoxification
  • Bringing your whole system back into balance
  • Cellular reset
  • Insight and clarity into what is holding you back and how to change it
  • Tarot for universal guidance
  • Getting out of the mind and into the body
  • Deep appreciation for all that you are
  • Increased well-being, uplifted mood, serenity and joy
  • A more positive outlook toward the future
  • and better mental focus
  • Connecting with a soulful tribe

About Helen Millar:

Helen inspires and supports people to shift from head to heart living. Allowing them to leave behind a life motivated by small silent fears, to one emanating love. As a coach, speaker, creative and carrier of cacao, she runs events, retreats, workshops, one-to-one sessions and an online channel that enables people to empower themselves, mind, body and soul: to heal the world by healing themselves.

Helen has found her constant curiosity about the world and what makes us tick, cultivating a diverse career that is centred on helping deep inner transformation. She has travelled the world as an award-winning actress, works with business leaders as a communication and emotional intelligence expert, and supports people to make life-changing shifts through shamanic and physiological support and guidance. Having healed so many aspects of her own health which she was told would be with her for life, from narcolepsy to PTSD, she is passionate about sharing her own powerful and diverse toolkit to help others live authentic, empowered and juicy lives. Amongst others, her work has been featured on the Discovery Network and shown in over 8 countries.

You can read more about Helen here.

“You are a wonderful healer, the Aquarian age needs you, you are the next level of healing… deep, gentle, and transformational.” – Angela Stringhini, therapist, healer and CEO of Vita Shakti Ltd

About the Space:

The Wellington Centre is quite simply Sussex’s finest venue for wellness. The calm and welcoming centre was founded by Jo Fairley and her husband, after disrupting the mainstream experience of chocolate by creating Green and Blacks Chocolate, they brought their second passion to life in Hastings by creating the wellness centre in this stunning Regency Town House. The Centre has been designed in line with feng shui principles, adding mirrors, water and wood elements and specific colours to create the most restful, positive environment possible. The combination of love and appreciation for beauty and the benefits of chocolate and healing makes this the ideal location for a cacao ceremony.

Situated beside the green, the energy of the studio is one of peace and serenity, the huge sash windows let in plenty of light showing views of Hastings Castle above us and the glistening sea below. Windows let in plenty of light showing views of Hastings Castle above us and the glistening sea below.

To help you plan your journey:

  • 44 Wellington Square, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1PN
  • Free parking on nearby streets, other parking is shown on the map here
  • 7 minute walk from Hastings Station. Direct trains from Waterloo East, London Bridge or Victoria (1 change from Kings Cross)
  • Please arrive in plenty of time to start punctually at 2pm. Wait in the tranquil reception area or stroll around the square. You will be collected from Reception just before 2pm.
  • Want to make a weekend of it? The area has a wonderful array of hotels and Air B&B’s

“Truly healing, calming ceremonies anchored in beautiful and profound meditations. I left each ceremony feeling like a care bear-! both reconnected with a sense of childlike joy, and enveloped in a blissful sense of benevolent empathy and assurance that everything would be alright. Just what is needed in these anxious, uncertain times. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”  – Shar, Author

What do you need?

All ceremonial-grade cacao and additional materials will be supplied.

delicious thick cermonial grade cacao with bubbles in a mugPlease bring:
Any crystals you want to work with
A notebook/journal and pen
A large bottle of water (cacao is a diuretic)
Your favorite mug
Wear comfy clothes you sit and lie in with ease. Layers are good.
Yoga mats, sheepskin rugs, bolsters, cushions, blackjacks or blankets, whatever you need to make yourself as comfortable as possible. We will be on the wooden floor.

If you would like to purchase any top quality, ethically sources ceremonial grade cacao from the Peruvian Andes or Ecuador to take home (and save on postage), please let me know in advance and bring cash. You can see what I offer here.

Who can attend:

This retreat is open to people over the age of 18. No previous experience is required.


Please email me if you are taking any strong medications (especially antidepressants) or have any dietary allergies or intolerances.


To truly get the most from the cacao ceremony, please don’t eat for 2-3 hours before you arrive. Avoid caffeine and dairy on the day and alcohol (at least the day prior).

Kind Words:

“Thank you very much for the sacred space of the coaching sessions. I have experienced some huge shifts and am daring to be fully transparent and honest around some things for the first time. There are big recalibrations taking place  I have started to paint! I also just wanted to share the gratitude I have for this process, space and container, the divine, and journey.”Jane

“The one to one ceremonies changed my life. The gentleness was what I needed. I gained more in 3 sessions than I gained in 3 years of therapy! You got to the root of the issues and I have been able to find the connection I was pining for. Since the 3 sessions, I have made significant changes in my personal and professional life resulting in a life that is more balanced.”Sabi

“I want to thank you, for a superb heart felt ceremony, for all the amazing posts and for inspiring me, and others also. I honestly feel you are helping me change my life, and I can’t wait to see where this journey goes next.”Anthea

With Love,



Will you be starting 2024 from your head or your heart?

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