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Ever sat down at your laptop to make a quick purchase and 2 hours, 4 blogs, a Facebook post and 24 tabs later you are more confused than when you started, so you close it all and do nothing? Me too.

There is a deluge of information at our fingertips and that can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and hesitant.  To help and give some clarity and simplicity, I have created this page of things I personally use and trust. 

Some of the links I get a few pennies in commission, or a free month etc. However, that is not the reason I share them, I share them because they work for me and want to help clear some clutter. 

Empower the people

Empower the People is comprised of men and women that seek the truth and wish to live for the betterment of mankind.  They are peaceful people who wish to gain knowledge and use that power to create remedy for themselves and their communities.
If you are looking to change the system and don’t know where to start, this is the best place that I have discovered.  Acting in honour is at the heart of what they do.  Gracefully and with integrity exit the matrix anyone? 

Scales of justice

Ki Science

When many people you respect tell you you need to check something out, you know it’s a sign. A friend credits the Doctor who founded this company as saving his life. I have watched webinars with him and find his heart, courage and consciousness inspiring. He is fully aware of what is happening in health care and creating powerful, natural, medicines that work!  I particularly love Polmolo to remove heavy metals. The whole site is a gift.

Glass bottle with dropper on moss


 As a fair skinned woman with freckles, whose mum had skin cancer, finding natural skincare that works has been a journey.  This company does a lot of lovely things; their sunscreen is the only one in this country without nanoparticles, is fair-trade, vegan, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and reef safe! Plus has powerful antioxidants (just like cacao 🙂 ).
The whole range is worth a browse, as they also do supplements and beautiful products that suit those with sensitivities and allergies.

Cream in a coconut shell with a palm leaf

nord vpn

Freedom to roam. Online snooping, data harvesting and sneaky algorithms that end up charging you more to buy online can be stopped by investing in a VPN. This is quick easy and effective. When you subscribe, you can use it on up to 5 devices and choose which country you connect from. It prevents being tracked and can also prevent being ripped off. Win win.

Abel & cole organic food to your door

When pesticides prevail, it is a blessing for your body and your taste buds to be able to eat organic. The packaging can either be recycled or left for them to collect the following week. With Abel and Cole, you don’t have to subscribe and your first two boxes are half price with this link by clicking below.  Boxes for solos and families with top up options available.


If you haven’t heard about this, I recommend you do. It really is powerful and transformative for every type of bodily healing.  When ordering the product from Biotraxx, (excellent quality) you must read about the dosage, I downloaded the 2016 book by the inventor, Jim Humble. He has three books out but the most recent one has the most up to date protocols. The book can be downloaded here:

water distiller

I really recommend getting a water distiller. I am very happy with my Make Water Pure distiller, it is disturbing to see what it is pulling out of tap water.  It’s wonderful to know I am drinking and cooking with pure aqua and not buying plastic bottles which often are not much better than tap. Make Water Pure puts the water through a natural water cycle, mirroring nature.


The ORB Products are dedicated to harmonising the manmade radiation around us from all devices; from phones to microwaves. The energy never runs out, so you’ll stay balanced for as long as you have it.  Stickers for devices and pendants for you! It uses Tesla technology to balance out the frequency so tech works in harmony with your body’s field. Here is a Youtube video of me interviewing Omnia’s CEO, Tim Sandars click

Smarty mobile

It is good to talk, but we all want to pay less for the everyday bills, whilst we need to keep our lives inflow.  I have saved a pack since using Smarty.  No contract SIM, up or downgrade your bundle month by month.  Great coverage and great prices.  Get a free month by using this link.  Also, love the large data options for tethering during Mercury Retrograde.


Based in the US, this company is worth the shipping, also it is super fast (5 days). Their reviews, esp for the blue light blocking glasses are off the chart (lots of fake out there). I use their EMF blocking beanie and blue light over glasses (as I wear specs in the evening).

grounding mat

We are electrical beings and need to discharge the static that builds up in our bodies being surrounded by WIFI and tech.  Unless you are barefoot on the earth all day, you may need some help. Groundology is a small business that provides many ways to pull static out of our system so you lose the brain fog and low energy. 

Freddies fLowers

Get a free stunning bouquet when you quote: HelenM10028 I can only give 4 free bunches a month so try again if they are all already snapped up. You create an account and then are free to cancel once you have had the free bunch if they aren’t for you.  I get one a month as the flowers last about three weeks and are stunning. Recyclable packaging – a great small business.

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