And so, Back-to-school season is here.  But what the heck, was that summer?

I am an August baby and my Mum used to say this was why I was obsessed with the sun…

Replacing duvets with sheets, pinching the boozy fruit out of the Pimm’s jug abandoned on the Formica table, paddling pools, water fights, two ice lollies a day, long evenings that stretched into a cozy pink haze before bed.

The inviting cool of the front room for occasional moments of recharge whilst my Mum slugged ice-cold white wine shouting ‘Come on my Son!’ loudly at the screen with the whites and rackets of Wimbledon.  Then cringing when this could be heard on the street when I was hanging out with the kids on the street.

That’s how I remember summer…

And then this.

Streaky skies, layers ‘just in case’, coffees extra hot, muddy wellies and soups feeling more appropriate than salads.


Isn’t life always like this, we can look at what we didn’t get, what passed us by, or we can make the flecking most of it and when the clouds part, even for half an hour, grab a towel, swap emails for calls and head to the beach!

I have lit myself up this week by finding ten minutes to jump off my bike and dive in the sea between meetings, putting ice in my coffees and sleeping with the windows open! My heart is full.

Changing your environment can change everything…
it can reset, recharge and align you. It can pop you out of your monkey mind, and remind you that the future is not set and life is not happening to you; you are happening to life.

If you want to grab the back-to-school bull by the horns and up level your environment, Catalyst is a ‘life changing’ opportunity to really make a difference in how you live, what you believe is possible and make that shizz happen.

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Big Love,
Helen ❤️❤️❤️