Tired Mum

Real talk: I know what it’s like to work late, fall asleep at your laptop, stagger to bed and what feels like a doze for thirty minutes, before you realise that annoying noise is your alarm and somehow it’s morning already. I know what’s its like to be absolutely knackered but find a way through because you love your baby.

In this case, the baby is my business. However, I don’t know what it’s like when your baby also cries, poops, vomits, gnaws and doesn’t have a physical off-button.

I used to reach for coffee, reward myself with iced lattes and be amazed how easy it became to sip, slurp and down more throughout the day. Especially when coffee became cool and regarded as essential as water in Central London.

But, then there were the jitters, the crashes, the undeniable nagging that this habit was becoming an addiction and a general sense of a way red hire that undermined my hours of yoga and meditation. That’s when I decided to, like Cheryl above, replace coffee with ceremonial grade cacao and see what happened.

In a nutshell:
💃Improved sleep
💃More open-hearted
💃Better skin (no more dark circles)
💃Less stressed
💃Wiser decision-making
💃Sustained energy
💃Way less overwhelm
💃Time saved by not detouring to get coffees on the way
💃Money saved!
💃Feelings of self-satisfaction and smugness that I’d quit coffee
💃Much deeper meditation
💃More flexibility in yoga
💃Did I mention the improved sleep?!

If you are a mum (breastfeeding or pregnant) or have your own demanding baby in a different form (business/side hustle/lover) and want to cut down/out caffeine and or sugar. Why not try ceremonial grade cacao and reap the benefits?

I stock ethically and sustainably sourced top quality ceremonial grade cacao from the Peruvian Andes and hand picked by the Quechua tribe in Ecuador.
Watch my video to see which suits you best, or treat yourself to one of each. It is Valentine’s Day after all.

Get yours here https://hearthealer.co.uk/buy-cacao/

Big Love,
Helen ❤️♥️❤️