Where Emotional Intelligence

+ Creativity

meets Financial Intelligence

+ Prosperity

Will you break free from doing what you ‘should’ with your life? 

Making decisions from lack and fear of failure, rather than having the courage to pursue what lights you up? 
Maybe you’re already following your dreams, but financially it’s not what you hoped, and you’re exhausted with the struggle, or living smaller than you’d love?


And you don’t have to do things you don’t want just for money

It doesn’t have to be either…The more you earn, the more you can help.  Money is not bad. Money is useful, very, very useful…

However, I work with so many kind, clever, talented and passionate clients who want to make the world a better place, share their talents and be part of the solution, yet struggle with money.  Or, they are trapped in environments they find toxic, doing things they loathe and chasing the weekend, just for the money.

I used to be like that too...

No matter how hard I worked doing all the hours (and some), I always struggled to increase what was in the bank.

I felt guilty about wanting it so much, was angry about those who had more than me, and had no idea how to increase what I earned, whilst offering what I loved.

I managed to heal all sorts of addictions, illnesses and patterns on my healing journey but money seemed to be the sticking place that would not shift!

My Journey...

I wanted to change the world but first, I had to change myself. I had to learn how to invest in myself, grow new financial skills and get really grounded about how to make my life juicy and sustainable. 

I managed to turn my frustration and bank balance around in ways I never imagined possible. I am now able to expand my life, follow my intuition and realise my dreams, and I want to share that you can do this too. 

My business went up 233% in 12 months, I now have a team and am buying property, whilst being raised with the mantra, ‘You’ll never get a mortgage!’ And, I have helped many clients achieve extraordinary breakthroughs.

I believe:

The more conscious, emotionally intelligent, financially empowered souls we have on the planet the more beauty, love and freedom we can create.  The faster we can find solutions and lean into the tipping point of the great changes we all long for.  

If you want to join me over 4 weeks to start, grow or expand your business, side hustle, or way of earning in this life you can sign up below.

When you find a way to be prosperous with your heart centred work, you can help shift the world into a more coherent way of being.  You disrupt the systems that keep us in lack and poverty consciousness. You can set new precedents for the generations to come and dissolve fears around money and lean into LOVE and LIFE.


if any of the following apply:

  • You want to start your own business
  • You have a vision but don’t know how to make it happen
  • You love what you do but do not know how to make enough money doing it
  • You have a side hustle you want to grow and leave the money job
  • You work in corporate and want to leave at some point
  • You have children and can’t face going back to what you used to do
  • You want to make more profit with the business you have
  • You feel guilty charging for what you do
  • You wish money didn’t exist

How to kick off a prosperous 2024 and beyond:

Prosperous Heart is designed to inspire you with tools, techniques, mindset shifts and inspiration to help you dream, begin or expand your dream into a lived reality. As you journey through the 4 chambers of the heart over the 4 weeks will cover:


4 Sessions: 4 Chambers of your Prosperous Heart

Chamber 1

The Core, Customers & Clients

  • Knowing your values, making the unconscious conscious
  • What your business could be, getting paid for what you love
  • How to specialise
  • Finding your ‘Why’, tools for resistance and motivation
  • Your ideal clients
  • Building a team, working with people you love
  • Communication styles: understanding your own, recognising where you struggle and tools for being able to reach everyone in a way they will engage with

Chamber 2

Grounded Sustainable Growth

  • Simple business basics, without the overwhelm, to get you going
  •  Tools, tips and tricks for branding
  •  Structuring your time
  •  Resources
  •  Finances
  •  Scaling
  •  How to bring business ideas through your heart, not your head
  •  The Ying and Yang ways to business and how to find balance
  •  Understanding money as an energy

Chamber 3

Pricing, Integrity and Value

  • Logic and necessity with prices
  •  Empowerment with your numbers
  •  Unconscious beliefs
  •  Shadow work
  •  Limiting patterns
  •  How to get confident with what you charge
  •  Pitfalls and what not to do

Chamber 4

Selling, Strategy and Success

  • Relationships
  • How to sell
  • Unconscious beliefs
  • Removing blocks
  • Handling objections
  • Influencing and persuading
  • Top Tips

Helen has been coaching in business internationally since 2008. She is also an award-winning actress, speaker and ceremonialist. She coaches executive leaders globally and is regularly invited to London, Oxford and Cambridge Business Schools to cover Emotional Intelligence and Communication. She has held ceremonies for celebrities and had her work featured on the Discovery channel, shown on three continents.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience with executives mean she can combine keen business acumen with the exoteric and energetic tools she has rediscovered on her life’s eventful journey, including 8 years as a Buddhist leader supporting hundreds of women and shamanic training.

Having battled numerous life challenges since birth, her quest to find out what the hell life was really about has seen her on an epic journey around the planet (and some of the cosmos) in search of deeper meaning to it all.

She has helped hundreds of people reclaim their power, and feel safe to be courageous enough to make a shift from head to heart living.

She is a black sheep, passionate creative, sensitive rebel, neurodivergent and change activator.

You will receive


  • Lifetime* access to all materials, replays and materials to refer back to as you and your business grow
  • PDF Book for each module, with homework, tools and links



  • 20% off your choice of top quality ceremonial grade cacao to keep you in your heart and aid focus during the sessions and as you work


  • My relationship with money has been a steady rewriting from scarcity and fear of not having enough, especially when being self employed the worry of “ I don’t know where my next pay check is coming from” to trusting that it’s always flowing to me and through me. I now actively engage with thanking my money “ Arigatou in Arigatou out” thanks to guidance from @happykenhonda And I actively create time to surrender to my needs and invite all that I desire to my heart. Practising Nichiren Buddhism has also enabled me to establish a solid faith in my life. It takes time but it’s worth it because living in fear of not having enough caused me to live in anxiety and fear. And it impacted everything; not going on holidays, working all the time, not eating all the foods you want to eat, not investing it the expensive experiences that you know would bring you joy. The list goes on. Helen you’re such an inspiration.

    Emma Snellgrove

  • Helen has helped open up new ideas and given me the advice and feedback that I needed to achieve my business goals. I have been on many courses but Helen's combines many fields into one course. Helen has helped achieve some of my personal goals. I will always be thankful.

    Atul C

  • I had a great time learning business with Helen. She's well organised and highly knowledgeable. I really recommend everyone who is interested in business to take her course.

    Vitalis Mathias

  • I am soon to set up my business as an Essential Oils Practitioner and needed a boost in that direction. This course was fabulous. I love Helen's energy and her expertise is really valuable. She has an unconventional way to share her knowledge, linking it with her spiritual connections and it makes her course so human, warm, friendly and effective. A real confidence boost and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to start or develop their heart centered business.


  • Helen really knows here subject: how to develop a heart-led venture with integrity and profitable. Her course is packed with wisdom clearly wrought from deep experience, as well as covering a big range of issues any one setting up as either an indie provider or a business will face. The course is backed by a very useful workbook. Even though I have set up two businesses, I learnt a huge amount and had many preconceptions and mental blocks blown away by her clear analysis. Highly recommended course.


  • "Dear Helen, Thank you very much for the sacred space of the coaching sessions. I have experienced some huge shifts and daring to be fully transparent and honest around some things and currently in the process of recalibrating.  Hopefully I will find the right words to do a write up before the next session, succinctly. AND I have started to paint. Hoorah!  I also just wanted to share the gratitude I have for this process, space and container, the divine, and journey."

  • This was one of the most powerful experiences I have had, and the changes instigated by it have been incredibly profound. Though I was hesitant about the financial commitment, after paying the full fee I was offered work from unexpected sources, thereby immediately returning my investment within the first two weeks!

    The practices we did around money and power were particularly healing, and aside from the personal coaching to look at blocks and issues, we were given many amazingly helpful tips on staying in line with our vision and navigating difficulties that may arise.” - Josephine Davies, Composer, Musician, Psychotherapist

    Josephine Davies

  • I had a great time learning business with Helen. She's well-organised and highly knowledgeable. I really recommend everyone who is interested in business to take her course.

    Vitalis Mathias

  • I am soon to set up my business as an Essential Oils Practitioner and needed a boost in that direction. This course was fabulous. I love Helen's energy and her expertise is really valuable. She has an unconventional way of sharing her knowledge, linking it with her spiritual connections and it makes her course so human, warm, friendly and effective. A real confidence boost and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to start or develop their heart centered business.

    Nathalie Plahuta

  • “Helen is amazing. I’m on a journey with bumps and curves, magic, joys, challenges, uncertainty, incredible highs and many unknowns. There are many doors to open and steps to take. If you need someone to hold your hand while you open those doors, look into the beyond and take the leap, Helen is the person to be with on that journey. She is wise, safe, caring, kind, incredibly connected and perfectly present. She provides space for you to grow and learn, explore and take the adventure. She supports, listens and prompts.

    I used to be scared to look too deep in case I couldn’t close the door or didn’t like what I found. What I’m learning is that it’s scarier to accept square one and stay put. Life is incredible, an immense experience. Knowing that Helen has my back to support and encourage during the challenges, and celebrate the wins, helps me actually want to open the doors rather than hide away. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Helen, just take the step and see what magic unfold”

    Suzy C - Solutions Manager

    Suzy C


Kickstart 2024 – Limited period discount – Regular price £999 + VAT

£299 + VAT 

Lifetime access *

Results speak for themselves:

Here are just some of the tangible results past participants have experienced from working with Helen in the past:


  • Making all their investment back within the first 2 weeks!
  • Re-establishing a healthy relationship with an estranged adult child
  • Uplevelled self worth resulting in tripling their fees
  • Finally making a profit on an investment of 12 years
  • A new relationship with a kindred spirit developing as a direct result of shifting limitations
  • Receiving a win in an expensive legal case against a bank
  • Receiving financial protection out of the blue from a neighbour refusing to pay for damage to their home
  • Having the confidence to negotiate not only a pay rise and backdated payment for a year’s worth of overtime
  • Collaborations and friendships which are continuing above and beyond Catalyst
  • Launching an online signature course she has been working on for years
  • Leaving a toxic job and getting clarity on soul mission
  • Receiving extensive funding and support for their business
  • Forgiving her mother and establishing a wonderful relationship
  • Negotiating her PHD terms to shift from quitting to excitement….

More Results speak:

  • Giving up coffee and alcohol without intention
  • Amazing friendships that continued way beyond leading to trips, festivals and collaborations together.
  • Feeling more themselves, shedding mind chatter, limiting beliefs and stopping feeling worried and scared.
  • Had the courage to leave a very long-standing marriage that was no longer serving either of them and create a beautiful vision of her future.
  • Having a better relationship and clarity with how they relate to themselves and money
  • Deepening their relationship with God, trusting life and themselves to create what they want.
  • Learning to want without needing and seeing the game-changing results in their life.
  • Totally up-levelling their career as a musician and have world-famous artists reach out to them to request collaborations
  • Unbelievable synchronicities, one after another, that keep opening doors.
  • Having the courage, tools and self-assurance to have big conversations they had been putting off for years with positive outcomes that were massively financially and energetically freeing.
  • Ticking off every single intention on their Wishlist for the programme with grace and ease


Everyone is going to receive unimagined expansion.
Everyone is going to fulfil their potential and hit rewards they never thought possible.
Everyone is going to carry their good out into their lives and uplift and inspire others by what they are able to do in seen and unseen ways.
Everyone is available to deepen into self-love, self-worth and their relationship with God/the universe/divine mind/source.

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