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Grateful for the feedback from the brave, open-hearted rainbow warriors, starseeds indigos, bodhisattvas of the earth and Jane Doe’s, who been moved to write to me after the courses, midweek medicine, one to one ceremonies, coaching, retreats, tarot readings and cacao ceremonies:

Thank you x

I have been to hundreds of ceremonies over the last 30 years of running a retreat centre.  Helen’s cacao ceremony in Ibiza really was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt ceremonies I have ever been a part of.  I had profound realizations, felt a deep connection to my family and that was because of her heart, her knowledge, her light and the beautiful and safe space she created!

Kezia Kaur, Therapist, Healer,Life Coach,
Founder & CEO Ashiana Retreats

You are a wonderful healer, the Aquarian age needs you, you are the next level of healing… deep, gentle, and transformational.

Angela Stringhini, Therapist , Healer & CEO of  Vita Shakti Ltd

When I emailed you it was a deep cry for help. I felt that my world had reached a point of all or nothing. I was so disconnected from myself that I didn’t have the will to live. I had no idea who I was anymore. You patiently listened to my story and offered me a space that felt very safe. The one to one ceremonies changed my life. The gentleness was what I needed. I gained more in 3 sessions than I gained in 3 years of therapy! You got to the root of the issues and I have been able to find the connection I was pining for. Since the 3 sessions I have made significant changes in my personal and professional life resulting in a life that is more balanced. We search for purpose, for meaning, for love and what I learnt from the work we did together was that I have all the answers within me.

I look forward to further one to one sessions as I build on my own personal sense of self and what I want out of life. Thank you Helen, I believe your amazing work has given me the leaps I needed to learn to live again.

Sabi C. Psychotherapist 121 Client

Helen so deep this guidance (YouTube channel), and yesterday on your Midweek Medicine, so beautiful, so empowering!  The meditation you held was incredible, revitalising, and I felt nurtured. I trust myself… And yesterday you have allowed me to create that space that I could feel blessed and blissful for being able to relax and allow the flow of such a transforming moment to heal and complete that cycle… Immense gratitude for channelling that, you worked so hard too to be able to be gifting us with this self-healing opportunity. Thank you, what a legacy!

Vita Shakti, Lawyer, Award-winning Naturopath, CThA, ANP, E-RYT 200, CNHC.

Midweek Medicine & YouTube channel tribe


Since that first cacao ceremony, I felt a calling to explore cacao and what you do. Your wise words, extensive knowledge/experience, kindness, laughter, realism and care was exactly the right space for me to be in, and to evolve in.

At times joining Midweek Medicine has been the only time that I have felt on the right path in the chaos of the week!! I want to thank you, for offering me some support earlier this year, for a superb heart felt ceremony, for all the amazing posts you do on Insta and YouTube (your recent getting in alignment totally resonated) and for inspiring me, and others also. I honestly feel you are helping me change my life, and I can’t wait to see where this journey goes next.

Anthea k, Events planner

Your course was a birthday gift to me this year. I am very grateful I decided to go ahead! You are a wonderful teacher!

Kim Brind’Amour, Emerge Course, organic smallholding owner, Canada

Helen holds space with a perfect balance of gentleness, clarity and integrity.
She offers her wealth of experience, her humour, her honesty and the richness of her work.
All I had to do was turn up and be open and I had the most remarkable journey of self discovery and healing.
I am deeply grateful.

Dana: Emerge course, Midweek Medicine & 121 client

Thank you so much for my tarot reading, it was honestly so powerful and insightful and really made sense of the dilemma I was experiencing. I felt such clarity afterwards. Even over Zoom, it really felt like a very connected and beautifully held space. Thank you Helen.

Molly B, Tarot Reading 

“The meditation was really beautiful. Thank you so much – it all blew my mind – got chills all over. Your intuition and knowledge is another level. I’ve not met many people with whom I’ve resonated with so much.”

Sarah of Parasitayoga on Midweek Medicine

I feet a lot better after the call yesterday and this morning, motivated and inspired to be focused and active. Thank you for sharing your light and bringing me back to mine. I’ll book another one.”

jay, therapist, 121 coaching

Thank you for another powerful and beautiful meditation. You are so inspiring and calming. I always come away from one of your sessions feeling empowered, supported, positive and seen.

Sarah, Midweek Medicine Tribe

Loved it completely, it was beautiful and potent. Thank you Helen, your ceremony has that peaceful power to bring forth each of our innate wisdom, whilst holding the group in our stature of loving the feminine sovereign power. Despite your young years, your spiritual wisdom never ceases to amaze me, and your dedication to support us is evident.

Chloe Loft 

Truly healing, calming ceremonies anchored in beautiful and profound meditations. I left each ceremony feeling like a care bear-! both reconnected with a sense of childlike joy, and enveloped in a blissful sense of benevolent empathy and assurance that everything would be alright. Just what is needed in these anxious, uncertain times. I couldn’t recommend it more highly.


The Wednesday meditations have been an amazing anchor as the present energies come in from all directions. I arrive feeling fragmented and leave with a sense of some miraculous cure. The shift is so evident. The meditations are a gift and beautiful. I have now rooted Wednesday evening meditations as a part of my weekly processes of self care.


You did such an amazing thing on Sunday. You continue to inspire me over and over with the way you live your life.

I knew I was in the right place.  I felt the cards and words that I got were totally spot on and are comfort and reassurance from the universe that I’m finally on the right path. I am gonna stop trying to fit in with normal people and normal life. 

Cacao has given me the courage to really allow me to be me whoever that is!?!? I’m excited to find out 🙂 And I had a salt bath last night and got into bed holding the stone I charged up and started writing and poetry came out. First time in years and years. Felt so right. Felt so in tune and rhythm. Felt like an activation from the cacao. Its helped me have some realisations that felt like downloads.

Do u have space on the next one for me? 


I’m feeling more whole, more real, like there has been a loosening around my ability to feel love for life.  I slept amazingly! Thank YOU for being an amazing facilitator/healer/shaman yesterday and for just being you.


There is no exaggerating when you said that the energy is profound. After Friday night’s ceremony, I found myself over the next 2 days filled with a clarity I had not experienced before. By Sunday, I had made a life-changing decision which has set me on a long overdue path. Thank you Helen, your gifts and ability to reach deep parts of an individual are a blessing for anyone who experiences your beautiful and powerful meditations. The cocoa really gets working where its needed. Thank you.


This ceremony was everything I hoped it would be and more. Helen held space beautifully and I feel truly grateful to have come across this circle. Much gratitude.

Emma J

I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing afternoon & experience with such a beautiful group of people.  I feel so calm and cleansed of all negativity, stress and worry.  The meditation was like nothing I’ve ever experienced I floated off somewhere free of any thoughts. What a strong women you are to still give us this wonderful experience today.  I will definitely be booking a ticket for January. Thank you once again.


Thank you Helen for holding space with such calm and ease.  I appreciate your strength and wisdom.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for last week’s ceremony, it was powerful and everything you said resonated so much with how I was feeling.


Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony, I absolutely loved it. 


Thank you so much for holding such a sacred space for us on Saturday.  It was definitely a powerful circle. I’m very grateful for the time, having a place to share, to be open and to have a lovely session healing together. The venue was perfect and circle of women gathering was absolutely amazing. It was the first time I’ve shared and felt relaxed like that to be open amongst people I’ve just met. Keep up the great work.


I felt safe in your space.  The name chanting was magic, so was the Cacao. When we chanted names and at the very end it was like a mini explosion and bells going off at the same time… just for a second. So beautiful! Also I felt lots of tingles in my body.  After the ceremony I felt very content, very present and my whole body was at peace. You and your friend wizard have made a magical and very powerful potion.  Big gratitude for all that you do I will definitely come again.


I went to my first cacao ceremony on the island of Ibiza and it was such a magical one! The cacao was delicious and beautifully prepared. It was such a comforting and nurturing experience, and gentle but incredibly powerful. A special aspect was that my mother was there, also for the first time.  It was amazing to share this together. Thank you for creating such a beautiful sacred and safe space for us. We will be back and can’t wait to see you soon.


She’s amazing.  I did a tarot reading with her and she reached the points, messages and guidance that I needed to hear. She answered and tapped into the answers I needed. I’m so grateful to have her in my support network and I’m happy I’m finding my tribe I need around me, to hold me when I’m in my head and not following my heart. Head to heart is most definitely the way. Thank you Helen for being you and the person you are. So grateful. Thank you


Helen Millar Heart Healer in a chair with sequins in her mouth

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