Womb connection and healing meditation


Our wombs carry so much. They are vortexes of pure potentiality, our greatest creativity and mystery. Yet we can also soak up shame, guilt and loss, both from our personal experience and carried through our female lineage. This meditation and healing activation has been created to help you:

  • Clear unwanted energies
  • Gain insight into creative blocks and recurring patterns that don’t serve
  • Remove resentment and reconnect you to wonder and appreciation for the womb.

This is suitable for all women, whether you still have a physical womb or not, the healing is for the energetic womb space.


Possible benefits:

Greater creativity
Enhanced sexual enjoyment
Deeper self-love
Healing of the feminine energy and female line
Strengthening the bond to the women in your life, blood and soul family
Healing and appreciation for your cycle


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