Ecuadorian Ceremonial grade Cacao




450g of Ceremonial grade cacao handpicked by people from the Quechua tribe in Ecuador.  Raw, organic and delicious.

Why give this cacao a home?: This cacao is sourced from trees that are 50 years old, their roots grow through other plant medicines and this adds to its wisdom and potency.  This variety is known as ‘Arriba Nacional del Fino Aroma’, due to its beautiful smell, enticing your taste buds even before you take your first sip.

This medicine has a unique texture, the ‘grumos’, or nibbles add to its potency and are an indicator of the purity and raw, organic power of this medicine.  I notice the effects of drinking this cacao even the morning after consuming it’s healing, heart-opening power.  Often awakening with a spring in my step and an open and light heart.

SCIENCE of Cacao

There are amazing health benefits to be found when working with ceremonial grade cacao.  Here is a brief overview, follow h e link below for more information on the properties and its usage:
*Vitamins & Minerals: Cacao is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including being a top source of Magnesium, Manganese, Sulfur, Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Copper and Chromium in its raw state.

*Theobromine stimulates the cardiovascular system, it does not “charge up” the nervous system in the same way that caffeine does. Rather, it helps to relax smooth muscle, stimulate the heart, enhance mood, act as a vasodilator enhancing oxygenated blood flood to the brain and major organs, as well as being a potent diuretic and wonderful aid in the detoxification process.

*Antioxidants: Cacao is the number one antioxidant food in the world, coming in with 15 times more of these awesome flavonoids than blueberries. These precious antioxidant flavonoids help in trapping damaging free radicals and heavy metals, clearing up corrupt cells from the system and supporting detoxification, as well as aiding in the optimisation of blood function and fortifying blood vessel and artery walls. This helps to improve circulation, supports the heart muscle and regulates blood pressure.

Read all about the science of ceremonial grade cacao here:

Dosage and recipes for ceremonial grade cacao:

Different amounts may have different effects on you on different days, so start slowly, tune in and listen to your body’s wisdom, there is no strict rule. However, I work with the rough guidelines 5-10g is a microdose. 15-20g medium dose. 25-40g strong dose. I would not recommend working with the higher end or more than 40g unless you are very experienced, or the space is being held for you securely in a small group or individually. I would certainly start low and build up your personal knowledge of how she works with you.

I recommend fasting for 3-4 hours before; having an empty stomach does aid a faster assimilation of the medicine, which is helpful for ceremonial depth work and allows you to have clarity and space to prepare and be conscious about what you are working with.  Although, it is not necessary, especially when microdosing.
Drink lots of water before and after and some during as it naturally detoxes.
Eat nutritional food and healthy food after working with her.
Avoid alcohol the day before and ideally up to 72 hours after as that is how long the medicine will be in your system.

Need a recipe, check out my favourite one and top tips for making your own elixir at home here


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