60 Minute Tarot Reading


10 card intuitive reading. A recording of the session will be emailed to you to listen to as many times as you want, so there is no pressure to take notes and you can be fully present with the messages. This hour will allow a deep dive into not only the cards and their symbolism, but also their numerology and I am able to receive direct messages that are coming through especially for you to know at this time.

This is really going to help if you are feeling ready to receive a new level of information about a certain area, and are open to receiving what is needed to come through on multiple levels.

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Looking forward to being able to offer guidance, insight and clarity.

If this is a present, I need you to email the person’s full name.

I work with Alice Instone’s deck: ‘Grandmother’s Tarot’. It is an unusual, beautiful and powerful source that I have been working with for years. It has no major or minor arcana which means each card is equally important. It is a feminine deck, the artwork is contemporary, and the card includes quotes and poetry. It is also a playing card deck so the suits and card numbers add another level of significance. This will be unlike a reading with traditional tarot cards.
What I love about it is the depth of the cards, their contemporary resonance and multifaceted reading points.