What would your life be like with out this one thing?

I have wanted to communicate this for some time; it feels beyond words, like all the important things in life; love, love making, fulfillment, grief, joy..

But, if you bare with me and I find the language to give it form, I hope it plants a seed and it will be worth absorbing.. SO – We live in a polarised reality: masculine/feminine, day/night, hot/cold etc.

We are either moving towards creativity, the life impulse, the thriving, expansive yearning for the universe, God, to know itself in new ways. This can be the yang energy of doing, or the pregnant yin energy of leaning into the void for inspiration to emerge… Or We are retreating into destruction, inertia and decay.

However, one is not bad and one good.

Just as in Summer and Winter are both needed… You can be in either impulse and be enjoying the experience. Or, as my acting teacher once said, you can drive with the breaks on! And what are the breaks? The unhelpful sabotaging that removes the enjoyment of any experience. What prevents us from being in the present moment and fully embracing this journey with life?


Doubt is what prevents you from being able to transform sex into transcendent spiritual, mind blowing lovemaking. Doubting your body, being enough, doing it right or that you need to be anywhere else other than fully present with yourself or your lover.

Doubt is what prevents you from following your heart and pursuing the job, career, business, home, love, of your soul’s calling. Doubt that you are good enough, will make enough money, find what you are looking for, and the rest.

Doubt is what stops you from standing out from the crowd, feeling guilty for eating what you enjoy, listening to your intuition, taking risks, living outside of your comfort zone and truly knowing what life, God, the universe and your potential have to offer you.


As someone who has, and continues to hear doubts, but who, more often than not, now pushes through them. I am here to share what I have earned and how you can too, if you want to.


There is much to say, but in a nutshell, for now:

  • Your heart holds your truth, potential and mission.  It is the God code in you, doubt is the devil trying to trip you up. Doubt is not common sense, practicality or anything else it may try to convince you of. Its function is to test your intuitive connection to who you truly came here to be.  Without the test, without that resistance, without pushing through the doubt and experiencing your own transformation, you would be left without the victory. Both your own, the universe’s and God’s.
  • I can’t give you a formula as I have found with my own journey and my clients, that everyone needs different things at different times, as doubt is mercurial. But, I do know that the antidote is always in your heart.  How to get there is what changes.


  1. Light a candle. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths into your hips, slowly breathing out over your bottom lip. Sit in the empty space before consciously inhaling. Then gently place your hand or your heart, breath in love, breath out love. Hold the inquiry, ‘What does my heart need me to know now?’. Sit with what arises and let any ‘doubts’ that your mind provides, gently leave on your exhales. Write your heart’s message on a post-it note above your kettle and every time you see it place a hand on your heart and say it out aloud.
  2. Ceremonial Grade Cacao is scientifically proven to help you stay in your heart, and there is no doubt in your heart, only your mind. I have two top-quality varieties ready to post to you.  Stock up for summer festivals, holidays and fun in the sun.  I always take mine with me in flasks (hip or otherwise!). Get yours here.

⛰ Personal Share

I am climbing Kilimanjaro in September. It is 19,341ft up and takes 9 days to climb. It is the highest volcano in the Eastern Hemisphere and the 4th largest peak on this planet. I have never climbed a mountain before. I don’t enjoy the cold. I didn’t have any of the gear.

BUT, in November last year I had a heart message that I was to climb it! Knowing the rewards of listening to my heart, I got online immediately and booked. Paying upfront in one go and trusting that it would be what it needed to be.

Then all the doubts kicked in, and the nearer I get to September, the louder they get, but, like a café playing crappy music, I can choose to enjoy what I am doing and tune it out, or I can dose up on fear and dread and doubt myself and have a miserable experience, or not go. I am going, I will send you a photo 🙂

Big Love,
Helen ❤️❤️❤️