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I have coached and facilitated individuals and groups internationally, for some of the world’s largest companies since 2009.  However, despite having my unusual approach being appreciated, and being headhunted to design my own work, I was often left feeling frustrated as the progress was frequently curtailed by company culture. To achieve the true transformation possible, you need to acknowledge people as human beginnings, not just employees. 

I now relish being able to work with clients from their centre, helping them experience more of their true potential in all areas of their lives.  I help them listen to their hearts, and have the courage to put into practice its teachings.

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“ I have now worked in collaboration with Helen for 3 months in regard to my business and I can categorically say the money was well worth investing and I am going back for further collaboration to work on another area of my life that needs her input. I can’t recommend her highly enough. I was very close to burnout working crazy hours and I just couldn’t see the way forward to a more balanced way of life and keep the business going.

Her input and guidance have transformed how I work and think and brought a level of harmony I never felt possible.”

“Your 121 coaching sessions are amongst the best I’ve experienced in 50 years. You’ve helped me to refocus my life and to tackle longstanding difficulties. Your assertion:

“We have a choice always about how we respond to what we come up against in life. We may not be conscious of it, but once we are, boy does the game shift gears”
is now one of my favourite meditation mantras. Thank you. You’re inspirational.”

Chris C. Peace and Justice Campaigner


“You really and truly grasped what I was looking for and held space for all aspects of it.  I felt like you so gently tuned into what I needed and I came away feeling grounded and empowered and calm in what could have been a very overwhelming time of change, I am just so grateful to have found you to help me navigate the shifts that are happening.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


I feet a lot better after the call yesterday and this morning, motivated and inspired to be focused and active. Thank you for sharing your light and bringing me back to mine. I’ll book another one.”


I’m feeling more whole, more real, like there has been a loosening around my ability to feel love for life. Thank YOU for being an amazing facilitator/healer yesterday and for just being you.”


“This has opened up a really unique space for self-healing, introspection and allowing my emotions to exist without shame.  Something has shifted deep within me and I will keep exploring it.”

Transformational Time

If you are facing personal challenges, lack clarity, direction, or feel your life no longer fits you, book a session to have a safe space to talk it through, receive intuitive guidance, energetic perspectives and practical tools to move forward with clarity, confidence and courage.


“I gained more in 3 sessions than I gained in 3 years of therapy! You got to the root of the issues and I have been able to find the connection I was pining for.  I look forward to further one to one sessions as I build on my own personal sense of self and what I want out of life.  Thank you Helen, I believe your amazing work has given me leaps I needed to learn to live again.”

What’s Included?

Diagnostic Questionnaire

It will help you gain clarity about what to focus on, allowing us to get to the core issues and make sure I am adding the most value for your life to move forward.  You will receive it upon booking and send it back to me so I can tune into where you are at.

Transformational hour

A transformational deep dive hour with me.  I work with compassion, intuitive wisdom and a packed tool kit making sure I have several different practical tools which you can walk away with, and start implementing in your life immediately.

Recording of your Session

If you want the session to be recorded, I will email it to you afterwards to download. You can choose between audio only and video.  This option is really helpful, as you can allow yourself to be fully present during our time together, rather than feeling pressure to take notes or strain to remember everything.

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21 days to a happier healthier life

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21 days to a happier healthier life

Get my free workbook to help you gain learn how to swap fear based choices to love fulfilled ones.

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