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Are you feeling that parts of your life are no longer fit for purpose? That your friends, your work, or where you live don’t fulfill you as they once did?  Or maybe you are experiencing the rollercoaster of exuberance to overwhelm on a regular basis?

Midweek Medicine is your portal into a time without demands.  You are invited to come as you are, decompress, de-clutter and reconnect to the deepest aspect of yourself.  Leaving you grounded, empowered and heart open. 


I was introduced to your work just before the Autumn equinox last year. Since that first cacao ceremony I felt a calling to explore cacao and what you do. Your wise words, extensive knowledge/experience, kindness, laughter, realism and care was exactly the right space for me to be in, and to evolve in. At times joining Midweek Medicine has been the only time that I have felt on the right path in the chaos of the week!! I want to thank you, for offering me some support earlier this year, for all the amazing posts you do on Insta and YouTube ( your recent getting in alignment totally resonated) and for inspiring me, and others also. I honestly feel you are helping me change my life, and I can’t wait to see where this journey goes next..


The meditation was really beautiful. Thank you so much- it all blew my mind – got chills all over. Your intuition and knowledge is another level. ️ I’ve not met many people with whom I’ve resonated with so much.” 


The Wednesday meditations have been an amazing anchor as the present energies come in from all directions. I arrive feeling fragmented and leave with a sense of some miraculous cure. The shift is so evident. The meditations are a gift and beautiful. I have now rooted Wednesday evening meditations as a part of my weekly processes of self care.”

Weaving tarot and oracle guidance for what is coming in the week ahead, with insights into what is happening with the collective and planetary energies, plus top practical tips to help you navigate them.  The sessions culminate in deep guided or channelled meditation to help you stay grounded and heart open during this tumultuous time.

If you resonate, pick up your favourite journal, cushion and candle and set yourself aside 80 mins of mid-week me time. Tune into develop self-love and compassion, decompress and gain clarity.

The more of us who gather the stronger the energy is, so please do invite friends and relatives to join in raising the vibration in this very powerful week.

Option to join with Ceremonial grade cacao. One of its many benefits is deepening meditation as up to 40% more blood goes round the brain, allowing you to think much more creatively and heightening receptivity. It is also superb for detox, boosting mood and immunity.

Join us for Midweek Medicine

Midweek Medicine: Samhain

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 Midweek Medicine Samhain edition. The Celtic Wheel of the year ends this weekend with the festival of Samhain, also Halloween, and Day of the Dead.  It is a time when the veils thin and we are called to work with the energies of death and rebirth.  Personally, this weekend marks 8 years since I began the deep deep dive into shamanic ceremony, an experience which most definitely ended my old way of relating to the world and was the beginning of the journey back home to myself. Like all birthing processes, it is a time of deep trust, connection to the eternal and unseen when we are asked to grow and expand who we are and what we think we are capable of.  Join for a deep, supported dive into understanding more about this energy and how to work with it, for maximum benefit in your life.

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Midweek Medicine: The Void

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Midweek Medicine The Void. The 4th sees the New Moon in Scorpio which may lead us to feel emotional, full of angst and disconcerting waves of existential feeling, as we hang in the unknown, tapping into the energies of our lineage.  This is the birthing place, the healing place where we can alleviate generational traumas and lighten our load.  This also marks the beginning of the two-week build-up to the lunar eclipse in Taurus on the following full moon.  Heads up you may notice energy and attention peak and trough as you assimilate the downloading light intensifying into our bodies and the planet.  Join me to receive support, community and some sacred em time during this epic process.

Snuggle in for clarity, support and bliss to get you over the midweek madness.

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Midweek Medicine: Power

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Midweek Medicine: Power Midweek Medicine Power.  We are now in the age of Aquarius and feeling the unavoidable surge of energy (and opposition).  Demanding us to reclaim our power and […]

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Midweek Medicine: Lunar Eclipse

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This is a very important and powerful Galactic opening that will support our cosmic growth.  We may be consumed with struggling with what is falling away in our lives, but when we can hold the knowing that this is opening us up to a completely different level of being, we can make more empowered and joyful decisions.  This Eclipse is one of the massive shifts we so crucially need to help ascend through the murk toward great love on the planet and in our hearts.  Join me to tap in and open up to all the good that is available. 

Snuggle in for clarity, support and cosmic rays to get you over the midweek madness.

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This community was created as an antidote to experiencing increasing division and separation in the world.  By uniting with a collective of like heart and minded people you are able to heal through love and raise the collective frequency by osmosis.

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