Intuitive Tarot readings

Messages from the Universe

Are you frustrated, fearful or flipping between paths to choose?  Tarot is a an ancient and powerful modality that allows the universe to bring you the signs and guidance you are looking.  Enabling you to move forward with confidence, insight and understanding.

I have never regretted following it’s my guidance myself and clients are frequently blown away with the acuracy of what comes through.



Thank you so much for my tarot reading, it was honestly so powerful and insightful and really made sense of the dilemma I was experiencing. I felt such clarity afterwards. Even over zoom it really felt like a very connected and beautifully held space. Thank you Helen


How I work

 After drawing each card I will allow you to engage with the image, then share the surface messages, visuals, and significance of the numerology and suits.  

The next level of offering comes from my strong intuition and messages I receive as visuals, physical sensations, and words or sentences I hear.

I provide ten card readings in both the options available.  With the 60 minute session, you receive a  meditation to bring you into alignment and allow you to open for the deepest level of connection, this enables me to receive clearer messages, a Q&A at the end allowing to gain further clarity by digging deeper into anything that has come up and see if further guidance is available.

Please note, I never wish to know your question prior to the reading.  You are welcome to share it afterward if you want, but if wish to keep it undisclosed that is absolutely fine.  Guidance about what and how to ask will be sent upon booking.

The deck

I work with Alice Instone’s deck: ‘Grandmother’s Tarot’. It is an unusual, beautiful, and powerful source that I have been working with for years. It has no major or minor arcana compared to the traditional tarot, allowing the reading to open to messages that want to come through the cards. It is a feminine deck, the artwork is contemporary, and the cards include text. Doubling as playing card deck, the suits and card numbers add another level of significance.

Looking forward to being able to offer you guidance, clarity and insight.

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