Guest interview on the Embodied Podcast. I dive into everything you need to know about ceremonial grade cacao. Covering all the hot questions, from ceremonies to science and psychedelic experiences.


Jennifer Troester, founder of Transformational Writer, LLC and  Journal With Jenny interviews me about using journaling and writing to find your voice and tap into your creativity for personal power and healing.
Renowned host, Shay Allie, of Inspired Stage and Inspire’d Online, interviews me about spirituality and how ceremonial grade cacao can open your heart.
If anyone has Discovery Plus, you can catch me teaching Rachel Khoo about ceremonial grade cacao and holding a ceremony for her. Otherwise, it will be aired just before Easter.
Interview about why cacao isn’t just chocolate with Liz Garrett for the Self care summit.  Find out more about the summit.
Interviewed by Ali West, C.E.O of Kinetic Fitness and inspirational influencer. Hear me being interviewed in the dynamic and vulnerable conversation about my journey to Heart-Based Living.
Interview with yogi, Imogen North, whose healing journey took her to live in Myanmar and teach yoga therapy to women held in camps there. She asked to talk to me as someone she sees as bringing more magic in to the world, and how I got here.

Press and Media

Helen is available for interviews (podcasts, print media and video), speaking engagements and workshops.

Her favorite topics include:

Shadow work – how to love ALL of you

–  What is shadow, why it’s not all scary

–  Why do it: we heal the world by healing yourself

–  Why the stuff brushed under the carpet isn’t just yours

–  How do you do shadow work?

What Buddhism has to teach us about being happy

How to unpack your emotional experience and use it to fuel your transformation

–  Myth-busting: attachments, the middle way, and temples, and many other misconceptions that need debunking

–  Practical tips to try in your own life and get results

Understanding what the hell is going on

–  Understanding world events through a spiritual lens: 3-dimensional to 5-dimensional living

–  Ascension symptoms, what it means for your body

–  Practical tips for surfing the change and enjoying the ride

Think you love chocolate?

–  Introduction to ceremonial-grade cacao

–  Understanding the nutritional benefits, including how it can help detox, and with sugar and caffeine addiction

–  How it can be used to enhance creativity and sensuality

–  Unlocking your heart, from grief to love, an energetic healer

–  Top tips about how to make it, where to get it, and practical advice about dosage and contraindications



Helen Millar is a speaker, ceremonialist, and weaver of community and healing. She is on a mission to bring people from head to heart-centred living. Working with groups and individuals to cast off the reductive version of themselves, and tap into the inner magnificence lurking beneath. She passionately believes this transformation is available to everyone willing to take the leap. Having turned her own life around from one of self-sabotage to self-celebration, she is able to share tools from around the world, and some of the cosmos, to help you shift from a fear to love-fuelled life.


I am passionate about helping people transition from head to heart-centred living.  My healing journey from a life of self-sabotage to one of vibrant self-celebration has taken me around the world, and across some of the cosmos. En route, I discovered the game-changing medicine of ceremonial-grade cacao, and have been combining it with 13 years’ experience as a coach and more as a creative, supporting groups and individuals lead lives fuelled by love, not fear.  

I hold ceremonies, groups, retreats and 121 sessions to support you with tools, techniques and some of the universe’s magic to reconnect to your heart and have the courage to put into action its teachings. Drawing upon my Shamanic and Buddhist path, I entwine creativity, astrology, numerology, tarot, healing, introspection and community to create a portal for living a happier, braver, more expansive life. My work has featured on the Discovery Network in 8 countries.

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Helen Millar Heart Healer in a chair with sequins in her mouth

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