Do you want to live a courageous life?

Do you yearn to feel the fear and do it anyway? Want to let go of some comforting yet destructive habits that are holding you back?

Join Imogen North and I as we delve into the extraordinary twists and turns of our life paths, woven in the most unusual ways. Discover how we, in our unique ways, have defied conventional choices. We will be live on air, interviewing each other about our experiences of feeling the fear and doing it anyway. And, we’re excited to take your questions live in the chat!

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  • Helen is amazing. I’m on a journey with bumps and curves, magic, joys, challenges, uncertainty, incredible highs and many unknowns. There are many doors to open and steps to take. If you need someone to hold your hand while you open those doors, look into the beyond and take the leap, Helen is the person to be with on that journey. She is wise, safe, caring, kind, incredibly connected and perfectly present. She provides space for you to grow and learn, explore and take the adventure. She supports, listens and prompts. I used to be scared to look too deep in case I couldn’t close the door or didn’t like what I found. What I’m learning is that it’s scarier to accept square one and stay put. Life is incredible, an immense experience. Knowing that Helen has my back to support and encourage during the challenges, and celebrate the wins, helps me actually want to open the doors rather than hide away. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Helen, just take the step and see what magic unfolds.

    Suzy Crook

  • I want to share the beautiful VIP day I had with Helen. Helen spent hours expressing half-formed thoughts lurking in the back of my head, and things I knew intuitively and hitting the absolute nail on the head about where I was going and what I needed to do, it was was like how much awesomeness can you shoehorn into a day. There has been so much flow starting from the before the day began and unfolding in my life now. Helen that was absolutely brilliant, thank you very much.

    Trevor Dunton

  • Thankyou again for last night and for creating and holding the whole course so beautifully. It really felt so special to be a part of and you held so much emotion and complexity with a gentle and confident touch. Each week was so well thought out and the whole course really flowed. I have got so much from it, not least a wonderful group of women to connect with and learn with thankyou xx


  • Your course was a birthday gift to me this year! I am very grateful I decided to go ahead! You are a wonderful teacher!

    Kim Brind A'mour


  • I want to thank you so much for the wonderful course and for opening my mind up to so many things. The space you held for us with your beautiful energy, generosity of spirit and insight was a joy and both extremely comforting and uplifting and I’m really going to miss the sessions and the support of all the other wonderful women.

    Karlyn Stepen

  • Being part of Catalyst, and why I joined. I feel like my higher self joined, I didn't, I mean I did, but I didn't know what I was joining. I feel like we have learned so much but we don't feel like we have learned it. Our Souls have. We committed this we paid to be with Helen Millar, woo hoo Helen Millar I try not to be star-struck by you but thank you for being the wisdom keeper and holding us all together. I feel like you juggle a lot and you keep us very close in your heart. Thank you to all of you for holding me when I was in South Africa, I felt it, I mean I really felt it, thank you.

    A. Holmes


  • I am always amazed at Helen Millar's ability to inspire others to use their personal narrative to connect with both themselves and others. She achieves this through a deep sensitivity to her audience and her willingness to share her personal ‘stories’ and challenges in an appropriate an telling fashion. I would, therefore, thoroughly recommend her to any organisation looking for someone to unlock not just the potential of others, but also that often-hidden value that many of us forget we have.

    Dr. Steve Kelsey


  • My relationship with money has been a steady rewriting from scarcity and fear of not having enough, especially when being self employed the worry of “ I don’t know where my next pay check is coming from” to trusting that it’s always flowing to me and through me. It takes time but it’s worth it because living in fear of not having enough caused me to live in anxiety and fear. And it impacted everything; not going on holidays, working all the time, not eating all the foods you want to eat, not investing it the expensive experiences that you know would bring you joy. The list goes on. Helen you’re such an inspiration.

    Emma Snellgrove

  • This talk was one of my highlights and I've come back to reality with a few opportunities in my inbox. The whole multiple streams of income is coming a reality!!! I've been working on my money mindset for a little while, becoming more aware of my attitude towards and yor talk rang true with me in so many ways! So thank you

    Emily Endean

  • Today was just wow…I just want to extend my sincere gratitude for holding this space. I’m so thankful to meet you and very touched by your leadership, and of course the medicine and insight provided. I suspect it will take me some time to integrate it all. Thank you! What you shared about your journey, it was very compelling. Your truth and vulnerability was a real catalyst for us all to share our own truth and experience.

    Melissa Matos

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