You’re one of the tribe!

You rock star! You decided to be on planet earth whilst we go through a fundamental expansion in consciousness. Hats off to you.

Welcome to the Midweek Medicine community.  Whilst you are a member, you will be energetically held and supported throughout the month, not just within the live sessions.  This is a portal for you to expand deeper into your heart and all the love and wisdom it holds. Sometimes, as we expand to make way for the new, the old will surface to be released.  Go gently with yourself, this is all part of the expansion and remembering more of all that you are. If you need additional support you are able to book this in.  Remember the caterpillar does one hell of a funky dance to get out of the chrysalis, but then it gets to fly!  And funky dancing doesn’t have to be painful.

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As a Gold member, you live and replay access to all Midweek Medicines of each month.

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Midweek Medicine

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Questions for the q&A

As a Gold member, you are able to submit questions to me to cover in the Q&A on the last Thursday of each month.  Submit with heading: MEMBERS Q&A QUESTION YOUR NAME

 See FAQ’s below for more info

Members only q&a

Come here to receive the login for the last Thursday of each month. We will begin at 11am.  Please see the FAQ’s below if you have any questions about asking questions.

Meeting ID: 890 1870 6839
Passcode: 450859

11am- Noon UTC


Please feel free to join the members-only private community on Telegram. This is a way to keep the conversation going, support each other, and share ideas during the week. This is optional. I will not be leading or monitoring it consistently.  Please honour, respect and support each other.  Install the Telegram app to your phone first, (if you don’t already use it) then join on the button below.

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They who have a why to live can bear almost any how.  Friedrich Nietzsche

Proverbs are short sentences drawn from long experience. Cervantes

There are no good girls gone wrong – just bad girls found out.  Mae West

I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.  Rosa Parks

Your Library:


What time and when are Midweek Medicine?

Midweek Medicine will be held on Wednesdays at 8 – 9.20pm UTC, UK time. We sometimes run till 9.30pm and I thank you in advance for your flexibility. If you need to leave the live and we are still in meditation, please do so discreetly.  
All sessions are currently run via Zoom, please download this for free and set up your account a day proper to the first time you wish to join, if you don’t have it already.  You do not need to buy an account, the free version will be fine to access the sessions.

If for any reason something arises and the session is not able to go ahead on a Wednesday I will endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible and move it to another day. This has not happened to date. 

Will I be in the recording?

The recording is set to record who is speaking.  I do not record the sharing unless I have permission. If you speak in the rest of the session, it will record you.  If you don’t wish to be recorded, please ask a message in the chat function on Zoom.

Can I bring a friend, my flatmate, partner?

If someone has expressed an interest in joining us, they will need to sign up for their own membership, or book sessions individually if they wish to see what it is like.  Due to the energetic exchange, their needs to be an investment to keep the container balanced.

Do I have to join the group community platform?

No.  It is there for members to connect and collaborate outside of the sessions, it is community-based and not led by me, although I will interact. Engagement is voluntary.

I am not responsible for anything others share, and I request love and respect continues to be the source of all communication. 


How does the members Q&A work?

As a Gold member, you are able to submit questions at least 24 hours beforehand. If there is space available before the meditation, I will open up the time to Silver members who are there live if they have any questions. If you submit a question and can’t make a live, I will still answer it and you can catch the replay. Please let me know if you wish to ask anonymously, please write this in capital letters.

If you have a big life question, I suggest booking a coaching session or tarot reading as I won’t be able to focus a large amount of time on one person, unless I feel it is very relevant for the collective.


How do I prepare for a session?

However, you wish.  To make the most of the experience, I recommend making your environment feel different from usual. Lighting candles, burning incense, getting blankets, cushions and anything to make yourself feel relaxed and comfortable.  You may wish to smudge yourself before or have a shower or change your clothes. Please turn off devices and distractions.  Joining whilst working on your laptop is not advised.  The same guidance applies to how to work with the recordings most effectively.

Do I have to join the sessions with cacao? Can I come with another drink?

Ceremonial grade cacao is optional.  Many members choose to join with it as it can add to the depth of the experience.  All the sessions are a sober, drug-free environment.  Herbal teas and water most welcome.  If you would like to buy some cacao you can here.

Terms & Conditions

Our terms of service for working with Helen, and our online shop terms & conditions are here

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