Why are you called Heart Healer®?

Believe this if you want: on the December Solstice 2020, I had an extraordinary three days where my guides/higher self/Buddhahood started speaking to me with a megaphone, rather than intuitive whispers which was the usual modus of operandum. They advised me on all details of how I was to help moving forward, including the website designer I should use, how the logo should look and why, and what I should be called. The name was corroborated when I randomly ended up talking to a medium on a livestream on Facebook who began channelling my Mum. I decided to follow the advice.

Do you heal hearts?

I believe we heal ourselves and the root cause of all suffering stems from a lack of self love. Sometimes we have to learn a lot of lessons, frequently the hard way, before we are ready to face that. We can use many tools and energies which allow us profound insights, but to actually make the internal shift, we need only our self. To get to a place where we feel safe, empowered and wanting to take responsibility for our own lives, I can help. But the healing is down to you.  

What is a rainbow warrior?

A Native American prophecy tells us that “when the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colours, classes, creeds and who, by their actions and deeds, shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.” 
If you are drawn to creating community, over nature and  find your tribe by frequency and resonance, rather than looking for gender, race, hobbies etc to decide who you spend your time with, this may be you.

What is a Bodhisattva of the earth?

A being of immense compassion who has already attained enlightenment, but made a vow to return to earth in the midst of suffering to help all people attain the same transformation.  And, they emerged dancing!
If you have found yourself growing through immense suffering and challenges in childhood and life, and you couldn’t understand why it was happening to you but have a fire in your belly to transform it and use the experiences to help others, this could be you.

What is a Starseed?

A soul that has incarnated on earth as a human but has had many, many previous lives in different consciousnesses (not human), in order to bring down frequencies, intelligence, and wisdom that the earth is in need of at this time for restoring balance and ascension. 
If you feel like you have never belonged here, fitted in, often yearn for ‘home’ but don’t know where that is, know you are here for a reason but are confused why your life hasn’t ‘happened yet’, this could be you.

Why is ceremonial grade cacao different to chocolate/cocoa/normal cacao?

Have a look at the science page here.  

In a cacao bean, it is down to the age and quality of the beans, how they are produced, fermented and treated.  Once you process them, overheat them and add dairy, you massively inhibit or destroy all the nutrition, delicate neuro-modulaters, neurotransmitters, amino acids and compounds.  

The bullet points are:

  • It allows up to 40% of blood to travel around the brain, allowing for expansions of awareness and increased creativity; great for seeing situations in a new light, problem-solving and overcoming creative blocks.  

  • It heightens the senses, allowing food to taste amazing and the body to feel juicy, fluid, sensual and vibrant.  

  • It helps focus and concentration without the anxiety or crash of caffeine. 

  • It opens up the energy around the heart, allowing you to release stored grief and find the joy underneath, without getting attached to the story.

  • It is great for detoxing. 

  • It tastes so good!

  • It is healthy: nothing added. No sugar, gluten, dairy, mystical E-numbers or ‘flavourings’. It is raw, unprocessed, ethically sourced and sustainably produced.

  • It is vegan.

Is there anything cacao isn't good for?

Umm, great question… urm… I will have to get back to you about that.   

Can I work with you without cacao?

Yes, absolutely. My spiritual life coaching, tarot and courses are all run without cacao, you can combine it in if you wish.  If you want to join a cacao ceremony or retreat without cacao, message me about your concerns and I will talk you through alternative options. 

Can I work with Cacao every day?

Yes, as long as you remain conscious with it and it doesn’t become a habit, or you feel dependent on it.  There may be periods of time when you feel called to work with it every day, this is when you are building a relationship with it, and how to work with it in your life. Once established, you may then find you only want it once a week or month.  Really you have the answer to this question, keep asking yourself your reason why, and you’ll know whether it is too much or not.  

Is cacao dangerous?

Yes, for parrots, dogs and horses it can be fatal. 

If you are on very strong anti-depressants, you may want to work very gently with cacao as it can cause headaches with MAOI inhibitors. I suggest smaller doses and drinking lots of water if you feel a headache coming on, the water will dilute and flush out the cacao. 
If you have adrenal fatigue, it is recommended to avoid or use a low dosage of cacao infrequently.  Please contact me if you are concerned, or consult a doctor.

Can I come with my mum /my best friend/ my daughter?

Deffo, when we come to a ceremony with people with whom we have profound karmic bonds, the ripples of the individual healing is magnified and encompass the relation energy as well.

So, do you work with just women?

No. However, some of my work is centred around the female experience and the majority of my clients are women.  I sometimes offer women-only retreats and ceremonies as there is an added level of connection and healing available in these circles. Sometimes I focus on balancing the masculine and feminine energies internally, we all have these no matter our gender. Where possible my work is fully inclusive, as most of my clients are women this is where I place my focus but I flex to whoever attends the events. I have men who regularly attend my weekly sessions and clients who are trans and non-binary. 

Is it true you never fitted in?

Growing up, I thought I was the black sheep of the family, but when I started healing I realised I was the chanting / vegan / spiritual sheep. Now I don’t feel the need to fit in 🙂

Helen Millar Heart Healer in a chair with sequins in her mouth

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