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Turning point: Midweek Medicine

Turning Point With the summer solstice moments away we can feel like we are teetering off balance.  Midweek Medicine is […]


Madness and Mayhem: Spiritual Awakening

Does ‘Mayhem and Madness’ sound like your spiritual awakening?! During Eclipse week, let’s dump the stigma and get under the bonnet. As Shunyamurti wrote ‘Enlightenment or crack up: Choose’, sometimes we feel like we chose one and got the other, this is the reality of the paradox in duality. This week, we explore the energy update for May and Helen will unpack our theme, plus the usual mix of astrology, meditation, Satsang, sharing, insights, tarot, oracle cards and community, you are welcome to join.

£11.11 – £20.00