Do you find it difficult to ask for what you want?

Did you just get a yes?…
it depends?…

This is something I am passionate about. So, if you are up for it, let’s play a game of ‘Have You Ever?’:

Have you ever?:

Faked an orgasm?
Moaned about your salary but not asked for a pay rise?
Sent back food when it’s been cold, not what you wanted, badly made, not what you ordered?
Shivered in a meeting without asking to turn the air-con down?
Overridden your dietaries to not cause a fuss?
Wanted to offer a seat but held back in case you caused offense?
Felt guilty about the bullying or prejudice you witnessed and didn’t intervene?
Followed the crowd when your heart said no?
Held yourself back from asking them out?
Not spoken your truth when it mattered most?

From the small to the large, you can tell yourself that others needs are greater than your own, that it’s easier to let this one slide, that next time you will…

But, then the danger is that this delayed approach to life becomes a habit of how you are in the world…


Whether you label yourself as a wallflower, introvert or peacekeeper, if you are listening to your head more than your heart you are doing a disservice to yourself… and a disservice to life…

I believe the desires and dreams in your heart are unique by design, they are part of your blueprint, your DNA and you are a one-off miracle- just like your finger prints.  When you over ride your heart you are stopping the universe from experiencing itself through your full unique blue print>  No pressure!

I mean it though.  When I began turning down the volume on the programming,  delving into the subconscious and acting on my hearts whispers the magic really started flowing through my life.
Sounds exciting? It is.
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Big Love,

Helen ❤️❤️❤️