Hello wonderful beings,

So the easing of restrictions brings polarised opinions, who knew?

There are many people seeing today’s announcements of all restrictions (almost), being lifted in England next week as good, bad, reckless and ridiculous. However, I am seeing social media full of people refusing to take their masks off regardless. I am seeing people celebrating despite the fact other countries are having loved ones forcibly removed and families split up. I am seeing those who think all this relaxation is based on ‘false science’ and others who think everything has been based on false science. I am seeing those who want to protest forever as they find their voice and those who want to be silent and meditate.



These polarities are heightening as the new world is birthed. Our task is to see them both and discern which direction each is headed in, using our innate gnosis to align with the one of highest goodness.



Join me and the Midweek Medicine community tonight to find those boarding the ship headed in the direction of ascension. Waves are coming but we have sails, strong wood and can commune with the wind.



Big love,