I am not happy when I play small. I am not happy when I sacrifice my unbridled joy of leaping through fields of wild flowers, for washing up in rubber gloves.

I am not being true to myself when my wallet bulges with cards waiting for the tenth free coffee instead of trusting that my vitality is what attracts indulgence, gifts and wealth.

I am not living my best life when I am scared of speaking up,
voicing my truth, or,
feeling the whole gambit my powerful, juicy and loving heart can feel.

I know what it is like…

  • to eat my way to comfort,
  • drink myself to hyper,
  • and grind myself to approval.

But I don’t like living like that.

It really sucks.

I learnt the hard way but, now I know that doing what actually lights me up before I reduce myself to playing small and making lacklustre choices is what allows me to live my life heart first.

If you want to change your thinking, heal your heart.’ – Jeff Brown

Imogen and I are passionate about helping YOU loosen the grip on self criticism, stop playing small, and start listening to your courageous heart.

Do you hear the calling to dive into a delicious, sensuous, healing, juicy and transformative portal to reignite your fearless, tender and magnificent heart?

If HELL YES we bring you this retreat, birthed from a decades long friendship, hearted lives, and desire for you to fall back head over heels in love with your life and all that you are!

Our intention with this immersion is to hold space for you whilst you get intimate with your heart.

Navigating the compass of the heart is a lifelong journey.  A journey of love, a journey of survival.  A journey of passion, a journey of delight.

Connecting to the joyful courageous capacity of your heart heals so much doubt and expels vibes of low frequency from your energy body.

During this retreat journey we will work through a series of careful designed practices and ceremonies to allow your heart to soften.  We will move from the thinking space of the mind to the feeling space of the heart and in doing so we will integrate and balance the various aspects of our beings.

We will learn to feel held in the unity of consciousness, understanding that we have our own special role to play in the greater scheme of things.

  • Are you ready to devote yourself?
  • Are you ready to feel?
  • To open?
  • To receive?
  • Are you ready to get drunk on communion with other like minded souls?
  • Are you ready to trust you are supported on this journey in this lifetime?
  • Are you ready to attune yourself to the light of transformation so you can deepen the relationship you have with yourself?

Praise be to your courageous, tender, loving heart.

More info coming soon! Limited places on this retreat of a lifetime.

Your team

Meet Imogen

Imogen is passionate about helping people make changes in their lives. Her teaching fuses anatomy, physiology and biomechanics with traditional Eastern yogic practices; tantra, ritual, and a deep reverence for nature.

Imogen’s teaching honours the lineages of all of her teachers and through her teaching she hopes to inspire possibility and encourage self-awareness, awakening your authentic creativity as a yoga practitioner in the modern world. Imogen fiercely believes that yoga is for everyone, that it is a vital tradition that transcends all race and religion, fundamental in all of our lives more so now than ever before.

A Londoner, now based in Hertfordshire. In 2017 Imogen moved to Myanmar and founded Safe Space Myanmar, an organisation that takes trauma-sensitive yoga to women detained or held in internal refugee camps.

Imogen trained initially under the expert eye of Katy Appleton and then Judith Hanson Lasater’s Relax and Renew® certified restorative yoga teachers and continues to train with her teacher Tiffany Cruikshank.  She is a licensed Yoga Medicine®Therapeutic Specialist.


Helen has been coaching in business internationally since 2008. She is also an award-winning actress, speaker and ceremonialist. She coaches executive leaders globally and is regularly invited to London, Oxford and Cambridge Business Schools to cover Emotional Intelligence and Communication. She has held ceremonies for celebrities and had her work featured on the Discovery channel, shown on 3 continents.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience with executives mean she can combine keen business acumen with the exoteric and energetic tools she has rediscovered on her life’s eventful journey, including 8 years as a Buddhist leader supporting hundreds of women and many years of shamanic training.

Having battled numerous life challenges since birth, her quest to find out what the hell life was really about has seen her on an epic journey around the planet (and some of the cosmos) in search of deeper meaning to it all.

She has helped thousands of people open their hearts and feel safe to be courageous enough to make a shift from head-to-heart living, taking action to radically shift their lives for happier, more prosperous, aligned and inspiring days.

She is a black sheep, passionate creative, sensitive rebel, neurodivergent and change activator.

Find her at Hearthealer.co.uk and follow her @helenhearthealer at insta and Helen Millar on Youtube

Your home

Erth Barton – Cornwall

Erth Barton is an historical, organic, ethical and riverside retreat.

It marries its medieval roots with a 21st century vision of offering the opportunity to live simply, wildly, immersed in the unspoilt natural landscape surrounded by wildlife .

Erth Barton’s position, is elevated on Erth hill, with views from large granite mullion windows over the River Lynher that snakes around both its sides. The movement of the tidal river breathes in and out twice daily bringing an ever-changing landscape and light. This place is wild! As soon as you drive onto the peninsula, you’re entering another world. Wild flowers, buzzards, skylarks, swallows, geese, egrets, fallow deer in the oak filled woodlands, and owls in the trees at night call across the river.

Best new trips for 2024.’ – The Guardian

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5-8th September 2024

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March 20th 

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