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The mind is the territory of our ego and it keeps us unfulfilled, unhappy and hungry. When we sink into the expanse of the heart consciousness we can be more than we ever imagined, whilst being part of the shift that the planet & humanity are crying out for.

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Your wise words, extensive knowledge/experience, kindness, laughter, realism and care was exactly the right space for me to be in, and to evolve in. At times, joining Midweek Medicine has been the only time that I have felt on the right path in the chaos of the week!! I want to thank you, for offering me some support earlier this year, for all the amazing posts you do on Insta and YouTube (your recent getting in alignment totally resonated) and for inspiring me, and others also. I honestly feel you are helping me change my life, and I can’t wait to see where this journey goes next.


The meditation was really beautiful. Thank you so much – it all blew my mind – got chills all over. Your intuition and knowledge is another level. ️ I’ve not met many people with whom I’ve resonated with so much.” 


The Wednesday sessions have been an amazing anchor as the present energies come in from all directions. I arrive feeling fragmented and leave with a sense of some miraculous cure. The shift is so evident. The meditations are a gift and beautiful. I have now rooted Wednesday evenings as a part of my weekly processes of self care.”

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