Unlock Your Potential with the Catalyst Transformation Program – Starts April

A 12-week journey to unlock the rapid and beautiful transformation you crave. Not only will this kickstart personal and emotional growth; it’s your ticket to break free from limiting beliefs and supercharge your financial empowerment.

Are you ready to stop making excuses and pop through to the other side of can’t, not yet, I will when…? If the pain of not making the shift has frustrated you enough, you are feeling the calling and are equally scared and excited? Lean in


Heart-centered living is a movement to lessen the grip of fear in your life and anchor you into who you came here to be, with your creative, compassionate, and conscious potential flowing through you and realized in your daily existence

This unique group will be specially curated to bring you practical tools, energetic support and emotional nourishment so you can:

  • realise your dreams in real time,
  • embody the freedom of giving to yourself and others without fear or hesitation,
  • and truly feel safe and empowered to be who you really came here to be.

It is easy to forget that you are a unique part of the mystery of life. But, You are powerful, irreplaceable, matter.

What you are here to create and experience in your life can be extraordinary, uplifting and beautiful now.

Or, you can put it off…

Life is busy, our attention constantly pulled in a myriad of directions. We can feel like we’re churning through the to-do list at a million miles an hour, or comatose with burnout, overwhelm and embodying a lacklustre life.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

How would it feel to be so deep in trust that the to-do list isn’t necessary, following your soul’s guidance from moment to moment, knowing that you are connected to the greatest manifestor there is?

Catalyst delivers tangible, life-altering outcomes.

Unlock Financial Growth:

Rapid returns within weeks, unleashing unlevelled self-worth and fee tripling.

Facilitate Family Healing:

Re-establish bonds, heal family ties, and navigate transitions with newfound clarity.

Ignite Career and Business Success:

Navigate negotiations, legal victories, and secure funding for entrepreneurial endeavours.

Empower Personal Transformation:

Break free from toxic environments, gain clarity on soul missions, and navigate major life shifts.


Join Catalyst and experience not just a course but a profound journey towards achieving tangible, life-changing results

How would it be to know that there is nothing to miss out on?

How would it feel to trust by listening to your heart you are always exactly in the right place?

How would it be to know you aren’t alone with any of it?

How different would your life feel if you had more people who really saw and championed you, from the mundane to the magnificent?

In my experience over the last decade of walking my talk, transformation is a mysterious alchemy that has 3 key requirements:

If you are feeling a yes,

let me introduce you to Catalyst’s 3 pillars:


Lonelyness is on the rise. I lived in Zone1 in London for most of my life and yet felt this bitter sorrow almost daily. When you have the tools to come back to your true self, to that which is bigger than you, and find a tribe of people who really see you, the experience of living expands.

You experience more confidence, feel safe to take risks and walk the path less travelled.

When more than one are gathered, our prayers are amplified to be far greater than the sum of our parts.

This group will be about going deep, not wide. It will be where we model the ways we wish we were nourished, supported and witnessed.

Creating a collective field that inspires, nourishes and uplifts everyone in it. Friendships will form, opportunities will open and healing and growth will speed up in the witnessing.


A lack of self-love is the biggest addiction on the planet. We will be removing deep-rooted beliefs, patterns and programming around lack, poverty, consciousness and worthiness.

These 12 weeks are about getting real change happening, be that money, love, careers or relationship dynamics, or all of the above.

When we heal, we can open up to receive and pull through our dreams into this reality. The more we are able to do this, the more we expand, grow and have to inspire and give to others…


One way to receive more is to give more. Giving is a powerful ally in moving beyond the false ideas you harbour about being selfish, unable, undeserving or greedy.

When you realise that the uncertainty of moving out of your comfort zone, not only lights up your reality but can allow you to do so much more for others. Whilst shifting the control mechanisms on this planet that keep you in fear. Win-Win.

You will get creative and joyful at passing on as your reality grows and abundance flows. You become capable of more, open to receive more, open to love more, heal more, understand, comprehend, hold and delight in more.

“This was one of the most powerful experiences I have had, and the changes instigated by it have been incredibly profound. Though I was hesitant about the financial commitment, after paying the full fee I was offered work from unexpected sources, thereby immediately returning my investment within the first two weeks!

The practices we did around money and power were particularly healing, and aside from the personal coaching to look at blocks and issues, we were given many amazingly helpful tips on staying in line with our vision and navigating difficulties that may arise.

Josephine Davies

Composer, Musician, Psychotherapist


Now is the time to break through. In 2024 the universe is calling us to stop trudging and jump off the banks, allowing the waters to carry us on.

None of us know how long we have left. I believe life is eternal, but the human body, not so.

When you get to point where you have reached your own threshold of ‘No More’, you know it is the time to make the shift.

The great news is, that when you decide you have had enough of the lack, limits and loss, breakthroughs can be oh so very fast!

You will have extraordinary support in the emotional, practical and energetic dimensions throughout the next season, as you get clarity and follow your heart’s calling.


When we go all in, the universe responds with leaps and bounds to support us, if we keep half a foot out the door, the results are tepid, at best.

You will get out of the journey far more than you put in if you are truly ready and feeling a yes in your heart.

I am fully committed to going all in for you and I am calling in those who are ready to say yes to themselves and truly embrace their life and all it can be.


In the same way that I have had to leap in order to discover that the net appears, I have always had to get out of my comfort zone to rediscover that the universe does indeed have my back,

what we see with our visible eyes is less than 1% of this reality and we have more support and untapped potential than we can possibly imagine.

To access it we are required to quieten the mind, and sometimes the minds of our partners, friends and family, and listen to the whisper of our hearts, because that is how we communicate with God (the universe). It takes faith, and practice, to learn to live in a different way. But that is where your growth is, and so, so much, more…

You Will Receive


  • A transformational 2-3 day retreat unlike any other, especially designed and curated for the group.
  • Rapid expansion to receive rewards that you’ve never previously achieved
  • 12 weeks of juicy transformation laying tracks for 2023 and beyond
  • A network of like minded souls aligned with making magic happen
  • Reprogramming false beliefs about playing small and opening up for your good to land
  • Support, inspiration and accountability to stay anchored in a new frequency

Plus much more…

3 months transformation


  • 12 x Group coaching masterminds – Insights, inspiration, shares, coaching, accountability, support, witnessing and more
  • 12 x Training weeks – Tools, advice, hacks, homework, guidance and gifts
  • 1 x 2-3 day retreat – Deepening, enriching, healing, joyful, up-level. The feedback on these has been extraordinary.
  • 1 x 121 integration follow up
  • Full embodiment and support for the next steps of your journey
  • 121 coaching and mentoring – available to 6 attendees at an extra investment – Executive level support from the strategic to the quantum to fully meet you where you are at for those who are truly ready to go all in.



  • Personalised welcome package
  • Tools, gifts and luxuries to support and uplift your journey
  • Partner to support you and hold you accountable
  • Deepen connections, open up to giving and receiving in harmonious balance
  • Community Membership
  • Held in a private group to support you 247 throughout the experience

How you will benefit:

  • Everyone in this group is going to receive unimagined expansion
  • Everyone in this group caries the perfect medicine the others need for inspiration, insight and growth
  • Everyone in this group is going to fulfil their potential and hit rewards they never thought possible whilst we are together.
  • Everyone in this group is going to carry their good out into their lives and uplift and inspire others by what they are able to do in seen and unseen ways
  • Everyone in this group stays grounded, heart open and supportive throughout the journey
  • Everyone in this group is committed, available and heart-centered.
  • Everyone in this group is available to deepen into self-love, self-worth and their relationship with God/the universe/divine mind/source.


Helen has been coaching in business internationally since 2009. She is also an award-winning actress, speaker and ceremonialist.

She coaches executive leaders globally and regularly is invited to London, Oxford and Cambridge to cover Emotional intelligence. She has held ceremonies for celebrities and had her work featured on the Discovery channel shown in over 3 continents.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and extensive experience with executives means she can combine keen business acumen with the exoteric and energetic tools she has rediscovered on her life’s eventful journey:

Having battled numerous life challenges since birth, her quest to find out what the hell life was really about has seen her on an epic journey around the planet (and some of the cosmos) in search of deeper meaning to it all.

She has helped hundreds of people reclaim their power, feel safe to be courageous enough to make a shift from head to heart living.

She is a black sheep, passionate creative, sensitive rebel, neurodivergent and change activator.

“It’s hard to articulate what Helen does, but it’s extraordinary In Catalyst she holds a space that is compassionate, loving, challenging and liberating. It has been a profound and beautiful experience to watch people remember themselves. Thank you.”

Trevor Dunton

Musician, Illustrator

Tangible results past participants have experienced:

  • Making all their investment back within the first 2 weeks!
  • Re-establishing a healthy relationship with an estranged adult child
  • Unlevelled self-worth, resulting in tripling their fees
  • Finally making a profit on an investment of 12 years
  • A new relationship with a kindred spirit developing as a direct result of shifting limitations
  • Receiving a win in an expensive legal case against a bank
  • Receiving financial protection out of the blue from a neighbour refusing to pay for damage to their home
  • Having the confidence to negotiate not only a pay rise and backdated payment for a year’s worth of overtime
  • Collaborations and friendships which are continuing above and beyond Catalyst
  • Launching an online signature course she has been working on for years
  • Leaving a toxic job and getting clarity on what their soul mission is
  • Receiving extensive funding and support for their business
  • Forgiving their mother and establishing a wonderful relationship
  • Negotiating her PHD terms to shift from quitting to excitement…
  • Returning to their home country after 12 years and healing family bonds
  • Having the courage to leave her husband after many years of not speaking up
  • Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries
  • Booking paid gigs and festivals, getting amazing reviews, being sort after by world-famous musicians
  • Receiving funding to have support to expand their creative careers
  • Having the courage to close their business after 30 years, pursue their passion and have holidays!

“Helen is amazing. I’m on a journey with bumps and curves, magic, joys, challenges, uncertainty, incredible highs and many unknowns. There are many doors to open and steps to take. If you need someone to hold your hand while you open those doors, look into the beyond and take the leap, Helen is the person to be with on that journey. She is wise, safe, caring, kind, incredibly connected and perfectly present. She provides space for you to grow and learn, explore and take the adventure. She supports, listens and prompts. I used to be scared to look too deep in case I couldn’t close the door or didn’t like what I found. What I’m learning is that it’s scarier to accept square one and stay put. Life is incredible, an immense experience. Knowing that Helen has my back to support and encourage during the challenges, and celebrate the wins, helps me actually want to open the doors rather than hide away. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Helen, just take the step and see what magic unfolds.”

Suzy. C

Solutions Manager

Are you ready to join Catalyst?

“I have got my hope back and my vision of what I think is possible. Before Catalyst I was despondent. It’s been an incredible experience, everything feels different…I am less reactive. I have enjoyed all of it and I feel so much more credible. I have broken patterns and it finally all feels like it is coming together after years where it felt I was pulling but nothing was happening. It’s given me a whole new window on the world.”

Suzie Hacker

Founder and Business Owner

Not Quite Ready Yet?

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“I joined Catalyst because I was Separating from my husband, was healing childhood trauma, and the effects of that on my adult life, and feeling stuck and frustrated that my life wasn’t flowing the way I wanted.
My relationship with money, with myself, my husband, family and friends was not good. I felt a lack of support in the changes I wanted to make, and a lack of direction and what I saw for myself going forward.
Catalyst has helped me to feel supported, both by Helen and the other members. It has helped me to see more – the possibilities and opportunities that are open to me, how I relate to myself (worth and value) and to money – I now feel I have a better relationship with both.
It has helped me to heal parts of myself making bad decisions and has allowed me to feel safe to open my heart and to let myself out and others in.
My favourite parts were the sessions with Helen 121, the retreat, and having the feeling of being part of something (the group), doing if for them as well as for myself, and the feeling of being wished well (genuinely). I also enjoyed the communication on Telegram. I am learning how to work from deep gratitude – in a way I didn’t understand before. Learning how to live from my heart and not so much from my head – deepening my understanding of how to stand back and witness rather than try and ‘figure it out’ There is nothing I would change.”

“I felt like I was stuck professionally, creatively, emotionally and spiritually before I started Catalyst.  I wasn’t achieving what I wanted to, I didn’t have belief in my abilities and had come out of a 15-year relationship.
But, all that has changed: I feel a deeper connection both with people and spiritually. Now  I’m living my truth and being more open spiritually, I experience more flow coming through me.  I have realised I can’t do it wrong and I am exactly where I am meant to be. 
I can’t choose a favourite moment but I have loved: The 121 work with Helen it’s wonderful, and the group gatherings in person and online, developing a deeper connection with the other participants,  witnessing their transformation and sharing my own.
I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to work with Helen, it is hard to put into words Have transformative it has felt!”
Trevor Dunton

“I have just had the courage to face one of the biggest conversations of my life. I am feeling relieved and relaxed. No longer exhausted. Previously I wouldn’t have slept for days and would have felt sick with anxiety and fear. But I am strong, head held high. This could never have happened without your intuition and guidance Helen. Huge thanks for sharing your amazing wisdom. “
Karen D

“The experience of being in Catalyst has helped me so much. Investing in myself has lead to expansion and a new feeling of strength that I didn’t know before. I have loved working with Helen very much, her purity and strength have been a comfort and an inspiration. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
A Holmes

“I realised I was not speaking up enough in my life and so was not being heard. Catalyst has helped me trust in myself, be confident, open up, and given me a vision for a new future.
I now know how: to listen to what my heart wants and needs. To believe what I want is possible. To stop worrying and feeling scared. To shed underlying negative thoughts and chatter. To be more of myself and connect and make amazing new friends.
My Favourite aspects of Catalyst were learning to take time (when I thought I had none) to help shape my future, sharing with others, the deep and immense sharing and trust, and shedding my old self. And without intention, I have given up coffee and drink a lot less alcohol.
How blessed am I to be part of this life changing experience? Thank you Helen.”

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Are you ready to stop making excuses and pop through to the other side of can’t, not yet, I will when…? If the pain of not making the shift has frustrated you enough, you are feeling the calling and are equally scared and excited? Lean in

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