Bittersweet news to share.

Have you heard the big rumbles in the cocoa farming world? There has been a sudden and drastic shortage of cacao due to the rising temperatures in Africa, resulting in a vast swathe of their crops being destroyed.

Consequently, a huge demand increased for South American farmers overnight, and their price of cacao has trebled.

As the prophecy of cacao states:

‘Once that man is poisoning the waters, cutting down the trees and polluting the air, the cacao will leave the forests and travel to other lands to bring the people back to their hearts.’

I have been working with Ceremonial grade cacao since 2016 and have seen a huge demand and awareness expand over the years, which is a beautiful thing as it shows that people are searching for ways to come back to their hearts.

When anything becomes popular, we find people cutting corners, and there is a lot of non-ceremonial-grade cacao flooding the market, marketed as ceremonial grade. The ceremonial cacao that I sell is all fair trade, ethically sourced, top-quality, and the farmers are well paid for their produce.

My prices haven’t increased since 2019, and inflation has increased over the past four years. With this huge world shortage, I am not in a position to raise my prices to keep the business sustainable, as my costs have risen considerably, and I can no longer absorb all the impact.

So from June 1st the prices are as follows:

£39 for 450g

£15.50 for 100g

Postage remains the same, and a top tip: You can order up to 2kg before the postage cost rises. So the postage is the same for 1 bag as it is for 4, buy more and save! Top tip.

Anyone that would like to order, before I inevitably have to raise the prices, will receive a 10% discount using the code SPREADTHELOVE

Thank you for being part of the head to heart shift on this planet.

Cacao makes a wonderful present, a great alternative to alcohol when going out or staying in, and can definitely spice up date night and heighten intention setting and breaking through creative blocks!

Big love, I hope I have your understanding,

Helen x