The problem we are facing is that we are overwhelmed with information but starving for wisdom.

When you go to the supermarket for honey, as I did yesterday, and see 8 shelves 2 meters wide all with a vast range of honey in jars, from glass, to plastic and disposable pouches…You can either spend a large amount of time enjoying the artwork and choose the prettiest label, scan every barcode and analyse the nutritional information against the claims on the front, grab the cheapest, or, unable to make a decision, leave with nothing. 

This process our brains are facing every day about every decision, from who to swipe right on to where to eat, holiday or educate ourselves. There is so much of everything. 

I am watching two waves of responding; one is to throw everything out and numb into the know, the predictable and the routine; this appears to be leading to a deadening of the spirit and hastening the demise of the body.

The other is to lead purely from intellect and chase the next fix of facts or opinions to re-purpose and causes to fight for.  It appears to be leading to disconnection, anxiety and burnout.

But the way of the heart is neither. It is not easy. 
It involves listening more and thinking and speaking less. 
It requires huge bravery as it involves feeling and surrendering, making peace with the contradictions, like that of immense life-changing power and the shortness of our days. 

Today is a total solar eclipse, the first since 1999.  Whether you believe this holds any significance apart from its rarity in our lifetime, or follow the beliefs of many ancient wisdom keepers about our interconnectedness with nature, I offer this:

All life on the planet is dependent on the Sun (or the masculine impulse to achieve). To have it blocked out for minutes at a time in the middle of the day, is a removal of us from the thing that sustains us and brings us into a temporary state of night. A time when we rest and switch into the depths of non linear, the darkness or the void…Can we take this eclipse as a conscious opportunity to rebirth ourselves out of the void we are presented with…

To remember the mystery of life that is not solvable by Siri or navigable by any app. 

To know via quantum physics that what is happening outside of our skin is existing inside us as well. 
To know that all answers are within us and to assist finding them, there are many places to turn to for comfort, inspiration and guidance, some of those are not always obvious.

You want to wait for your birthday, New Year, for when you lose the weight, meet the person or quit the job. Or, you may want to start today:

Let me know your thoughts, what are you rebirthing now

I have lots coming up in the coming weeks, from online courses, collaborations, freebies, and the retreat in Cornwall is booking up: