Starting 2024 as you mean to go on…..


Video transcript:

Hello, everybody.

We’re coming to the end of 2023. It could be the end of any year.

And we are a week, just under a week away from the 4th anniversary of my mom’s death.

And going into the solstice, the darkest day of the year, this time of withdrawal and hibernation.

And coming again to the tenderness of what this grief of losing my mum is.

And if anyone has lost a mum, it’s a different kind of experience than maybe other griefs you would have experienced because there’s something about having come out of that vessel, out of that body.

There was a gift in the way that she died. 

It was very sudden. She was still working,  full-time, and she was given 10 weeks to live.

And within that time, she was gone.

Watching somebody’s life change and dwindle and then disappear so swiftly has really allowed me to realize the fragility of what this existence is, and also having sat with her body once she was dead.

And seeing the spirit, the soul that animates us is so much more than just this vessel.

And this reality is so much more than just what we can see, and the potential of the spirit and the soul that is within each of us to create far beyond,  through this vessel, but not limited by this physical body is so extraordinary.

And when we remember that, that is the energy and the excitement that allows us to break through the mind that says:

Things are scary.

We can’t do it. 

We’re not big enough. 

The world is stacked against us.

We’re too old, too young, too fat..

… to do these things, to do what our heart is calling to us to do.

And I would like to share that that’s all b s, and I let those thoughts limit me in some of the things I was doing.

And especially limit me around money and what I thought it was capable of earning and what money meant and seeing it as bad and awful. 

One of the reasons I’m sat with boxes around me and not,  a boogie set with candles is because I’m packing up. I’m buying a home, and buying a house has that view that overlooks the ocean with a balcony. I’m so excited because when my mum died, I was still sharing a room in a flat, looking out the window at a brick wall, and I didn’t know how to change things without a money tree or a miracle coming in.

But I have worked out how to do it and pulled together the years since 2008 of coaching leaders in businesses and multimillionaires worldwide.

People at all levels in corporate, private, and state sectors on communication skills, on emotional intelligence. I am a creative, and I am somebody who’s not comfortable behind a laptop with spreadsheets.

Knowing how to bring those two parts of me together, emotional intelligence and creativity, and marry them with what I have learned, discovered, developed, and transformed my life with financial intelligence.

I turned it into this prosperous life, where money is not something I’m scared of; it’s something I enjoy, and I’m excited by and can play with in the same way that I can play with paints to create images or words to create stories. Or energy in ceremonies, in the same way, can be done with money.

Money does not make you happy, but it makes life easier, gives you freedom, and gives you time.

And time gives you a chance to reflect and have perspective and choose which way you’re heading, who you really are, and what this is really about.

Otherwise, we get to the end of our life, where we get to illness, and then we reflect.

The gift of changing your life is to be able to do that right now, right here.

So, as we come to the end of 2023, I invite you to look at how this year has been for you, and if there are changes you want to make, know that you are capable of them.

And those changes are your heart whispering to you.

We all have different designs.

We don’t all have the exact needs or wants, which is precisely as it should be.

But nobody can live your life for you.

And I’ve designed Prosperous Heart, which is my absolute prayer of what I wish I had known back before my mum died so that she wasn’t looking at me as she exited her body thinking, what are you doing, Helen?

Like, how are you going to cope?

  you’re single, broke, and struggling, and you always have been.

She told me, ‘what are you doing with your life?’

I was like, what do you mean?

It really hurt, but I think if she could see where I am now and what I’ve turned around, and that’s not to say that,  to judge yourself by money, but to judge yourself by what you know you’re capable of doing and seeing it realised in the world.

And who you are in the process of that journey is what’s essential, the seeking spirit, to know that you are taking action, to know that you are a powerful creator, to know that just because it hasn’t worked before doesn’t mean it won’t work this time, because eventually,

if you keep doing things differently, you will get different results.

If you keep doing things the same and things aren’t shifting, you will get the same result.

And Prosperous Heart is an opportunity for you to change things around, go deeper, and bring God or spirit or the universe into the equation of how you create business.

So whether it is your side hustle, whether it is how to be more profitable doing what you’re doing, whether it is to have more soul in your work, more heart, whether it is that you want to leave corporate and set up your own thing.

Whether it is you want to work fewer hours and have a better quality of life, or you want to learn how to communicate authentically with clients and customers with your family.

What’s in Prosperous Heart speaks to all of those areas.

It’s broken down into four main chambers of the heart.

There are four main areas, and they cover everything from the logistics of taxes and spreadsheets and all those things that some of us may want to push into the corner and hide from how to get up close and personal and bring soul into that work.

All the way through to communication styles and understanding your preferences and how you come across all the way into how vision and plan and to scale.

It’s got free workbooks. You have lifetime access

And as a thank you for being part of the Head to Heart shift, part of the Heart Healer team and tribe, I have got a fantastic discount for you to launch this.

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And this offer is on until the solstice of this year.

So that is this year, it falls on a different day. It falls on 22nd December.

So grab this offer while you can. It is the perfect gift to yourself to start 2024 with.

You can watch it over the holiday break.

You can get started now or save it up and start it in the new year.

You may want to do it with friends and buy it for each other.

Maybe you want to give it to your friend or partner who you know has been yearning to set up their own homeschool yoga, practice crystal shop accountancy business, personal training company, or whatever it might be.

Or you know somebody who needs a little bit more softness and soul and doesn’t know how to stop compartmentalizing their spirituality or their quest actually for a deeper connection into what this reality is, whether you use the word spirituality or God or anything like that,

But the essence and understanding that what I saw left my mom’s body… There is more to this reality than we are capable of understanding.

We cannot see 99.5 % of this reality.

And it’s how do you work with the unseen into manifesting and changing your life?

As you reflect as we come into these winter months, if that is a gift that you would like to explore. Click the link below.


If you want to go even deeper than that, book a discovery call with me, and we can look at some one-to-one work. Catalyst will be starting again in the new year, and I currently have two spaces for one-to-one work available.

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if you’ve got to face some in-laws who maybe you find challenging, or if you’re trying to drink less alcohol or cut down on the sugar over this time, ceremonial grade Cacao is a fantastic alternative to keep your heart centred to keep you rooted and anchored in your body while not feeling like you’re missing out or in denial during this time of coming into more playful ways of being.

Rather than just the work because we’ve all worked hard.

It’s a tough time on the planet going through epic change.

Next year is going to be extraordinary.

It’s a tough time on the planet going through epic change.
Next year is going to be extraordinary.

We’re moving through this.

We’re doing it together, and it doesn’t have to be as painful as one might think.

There are ways of doing it joyfully. There are ways of doing it soulfully.

There are ways of doing it consciously to create bigger and better results for yourself.

And that business doesn’t need to be in scale. It can be in-depth.

It’s down to each one of us to help shape the future, and that is what my mission is with Prosperous Heart: having more people living their lives from their hearts, creating their work, and offering their service to this planet through their hearts rather than their heads and the fears and the programs and the patterns and the limitations and the shoulds rather than the joy and the creativity that exists within each one of us like a sacred blueprint.

So, this week’s newsletter is in video form. Let me know your thoughts.

Let me know if you prefer this or you prefer the text.

Either way, I’m sending you so much love. Let me know if you’re joining Prosperous Heart.

You can get access at any time.

The discount, the crazy 60% off, is until 22nd December. Jump on that below.

Big love.


Helen ❤️❤️❤️