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Hello. Welcome to this week’s newsletter. So much to tell you about what’s going on in the world, what I want to share. And checking in to see how you’re doing because it is intense.

And I’m sending you this message on 12th 12th, this Sagittarius new moon, this time for going within and planting seeds, and in this darkness, in this void when the moon isn’t visible in the sky. Like, that is the time to really think about what you want.

And as this is the last moon of the year, what is it that you’re visioning in for 2024? What is it that you want? And, of course, we have everything that is going on in the world surface level where what we’re being told about in the news, what we’re witnessing screens, the social media that we’re reporting on non-reporting of events in the world. That is happening, and that is always gonna be there.

There is always gonna be terror and war and at this point in our reality anyway, to look at, but there is also the beauty. There is also the joy. There is also the dreams and the union.

And what I’m really noticing in myself is that in the past, such a wanting to scream and shout and march and placard and take action and some of those things I still am doing. But noticing the healing that’s happened within myself where actually my response to what I’m seeing is to come deeper and deeper into peace, and I did a breath book journey this weekend, which was four peace.

And I saw the vision of these elders throughout time and space of all different nationalities energy bodies, whatever you language you wanna put around this, but essentially, there was this focus in this circle, these wise elders. Of holding peace. Like, it was a dove in their hand. They didn’t wanna leave.

And by cultivating the frequency of love, this peace was being held in the space with such, find an awareness. And parallel, there is the energy of war and all the energy that is needed to create that and being completely aware of this. Can be completely in, you know, full, like, not an ostrich head, the opposite.

They full awareness that that’s there. But knowing that the way to dissolve all that is by staying so fervently in your heart, so firmly in the place of creation, of love, of harmony, And I don’t mean this in a Pollyanna way, but in an absolutely hard open way, that’s the way that this burns itself out. Right? We cannot fight fire with fire.

And from this place of exquisite peace, Then you take action if you feel like you need to. If you feel like you need to write to an MP or go on a march or sign a petition or post but from this place of deeply, deeply rooted, that’s not my energy field. Space.

And so with that with that, this understanding is to articulate this to help you understand my work. And why it’s not pretending that’s not happening. And let’s just all do these other things, but it’s in response to what’s happening. Let’s do these other things.

So in response to that, really coming into where am I at war with myself? Where am I fighting myself? Where am I making myself wrong for choosing to go in a run and not write the email or write the email and not go on the run or whatever it might be where you’re constantly pulling yourself to pieces. K.

And how can I keep coming back into this piece in myself? So to help you do that, to help you do that. At this time of year, I have ceremonial grade cacao. Yay. It’s been my absolute ally.

Through, Christmases and in-laws and not knowing what to buy people and it’s super healthy and it can help you, like, get into the vibe of what this holiday season can be, without alcohol. So if you wanna cut down, if you wanna have some called 3 days, or maybe you don’t drink, but you wanna feel like you’re contributing to the you’re not gonna be like, come on, Helen. Just have a glass. that’s alright. I’m on cacao. Right? Okay.

And then maybe slowly other people want to experience what you’re experiencing as well. So it’ll say amazing if you’re trying to, like, not have sugar, you can have so sweet and deep and it really meets those needs without, you know, having all the, the crashes and the, you know, the physical toll of what having too much sugar does.

So, it’s great for stalking fillers. It’s great for presents for you, for girlfriends, and if you celebrate the Solstice in rather than Christmas, you know, that’s all available.

So, as always, it’s like absolute top quality. It’s a real ally in these dark times to stay in our heart, you know, as we move into the dark this day of the year, which is this year on 22nd December, with that in mind and with this point of visioning and planting, like, what do you want the new 2024 cycle to be.

I’m holding a cacao ceremony on the 6th January to bring everybody down into the heart space to vision from there to lean into them. When we hold ceremony and space, workshop to birth from with other people, the energetic magnetism of what we do is so much more deeply amplified than when it’s just us on our own.

So that’s a real invitation. To come and join me then. And if you wanna think ahead, the 11th February, my annual self-love cacao ceremony is there if you wanna come with a partner, with a lover, if you’re calling one in or if you wanna deepen your relationship with yourself, leaning into love, is the theme, and that’s on 11th February.

And I’ve been super organized, and they’re both on the website. They’re both links below. And my deepest offering which is what I spoke about in the last video is prosperous heart, which is really there to empower you, to tool you up, to give you structure and clarity about how to orientate your life, your finances, your creativity to be much more coming from your sovereignty, from your place of, like, your divine blueprint on this planet rather than feeling like you are fitting into a mold that maybe you’ve outgrown or that you’re doing from a place of fear or where, you know, it pays the bills, but it doesn’t light you up knowing that this is a reality of limitlessness, that we really can shift and change.

And so helping with this structure of things and tools that I have learned and paid huge amounts of money to be taught and experienced myself working to bring them to you.

So this piece of making your emotional intelligence, like, your soul desires your heart’s wisdom with your creativity and marrying that with the move of all the fear and the blocks around financial intelligence and prosperity to the multidimensional, like, pronged attack.

To get your side hustle or your business or your job being more soulful and loving. And that has, 60% off up until the 22nd December. And so you can get that on the website you can read some of the testimonials, the reviews about everything that’s included.

And these are my offerings and gifts to you for this period and to really help all of us stay in our hearts come together find unity, find our place in the world on our terms so that we have more people lit up doing what they love in the world and that the qualities that allow us to be available for war are no more because we are so so deeply rooted in our heart.

And as each of us does this around the planet, You know, the equipment, like the internal equipment that allows these things to happen can no longer happen because our frequency, our reality has shifted by that which we are creating. Right? This 99% of this reality is not seen in the physical and the physical is a response to the internal and quantum physicist has been talking about this for, you know, a long time in quantum physics.

Is, you know, catching up and, you know, the new sciences. That’s really about, you know, how we birth reality. So that’s partly in the prosperous heart as well. Alright. So much loved to you at this time. Have a beautiful new moon. Have a beautiful 12th 12th of a beautiful day. And sending you so much love. Let me know your thoughts below.

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